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Crass were formed in 1976, and were based around Dial House, an 'open house community' near Epping, Essex, in England. Crass were the epitome of the DIY punk culture - though partly because it was sometimes the only way to get some of their controversial songs released!

Members of Crass included Steve Ignorant, Penny Rimbaud, Gee Vaucher, N. A. Palmer, Pete Wright, Eve Libertine, Joy De Vivre and John Loder. The group split up in 1984.

Crass were also famous for putting together the Bullshit Detector compilation LPs via their own Crass Records label. Here's the track listing for Volume 1, which was released in 1980. There were four Bullshit Detector LPs in total.

Bullshit Detector Vol 1 (1980)

1. Andy T – Jazz on a Summers Day
2. Counter Attack – Don't Wanna Fight For You
3. The Alternative – Change It
4. Clockwork Criminals – We Are You
5. Reputations in Jeopardy – Girls Love Popstars
6. Crass – Do They Owe Us a Living? (Drums and vocals only)
7. Amebix – University Challenged
8. Sceptics – Local Chaos
9. The Sinyx – Mark of the Beast
10. Frenzy Battalion – Thalidomide
11. Icon – Cancer
12. The Speakers – Why?
13. A.P.F. Brigade – Anarchist Attack
14. F**k The C.I.A. – Right or Wrong
15. Caine Mutiny and the Kallisti Apples of Nonsense – Morning Star
16. The Sucks – Three
17. Porno Squad – Khaki Doesn't Go with My Eyes
18. S.P.G. Murders – Soldiers
19. Eratics – National Service
20. Red Alert – Who Needs Society?
21. The Snipers – War Song
22. Armchair Power – Power
23. Disrupters – Napalm
24. Kate BS Murphy – It's Difficult For Me (Because I Know So Much)
25. Action Frogs – Drumming Up Hope

- Paul Rance/

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