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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Garden Of Delights Interview

Garden of Delights interviewed by Hayley Tagg & Fiona Snelson for Peace & Freedom, No. 2, Summer 1985

Garden Of Delights were a very original Norwich band - no electric guitars apart from bass, and no synthesizers, but they certainly had power, and their profound, mystical lyrics were never going to endear them to the mainstream. I remember seeing 'em live in a horrible, sweaty Norwich cellar, and they were very dynamic indeed, with the quiet offstage Roger transforming himself into a man possessed.

Hayley Tagg (then the editor of Norwich fanzine “The Black Hole”) and Fiona Snelson (future editor of “The NSPCC Book Of Famous Faux Pas” - reviewed here) interviewed Cary (drummer), Roger (vocalist), and Kleo (manager) in Kleo's Norwich flat in the mid-80s.

- Paul Rance/

Hayley & Fiona: When did you first start to write lyrics?

Roger: Emmm...when I was at junior school - when I was about 11.

Hayley & Fiona: What do you think of other Norwich bands?

Roger: In general not a lot. There are some that are quite good but not a lot. There aren't many that really provoke my interest. I don't find many inspiring. I like Gudvil. I've only heard them recently, but I was quite impressed because they're doing something which is slighly different.
Kleo: And Red City Electric. They're quite good.

Hayley & Fiona: Are you conscious of of the gothic image you have?

Cary: Only when people say we are goth.
Roger: It doesn't bother us. I mean we use gothic stars and images - and they inspire us. We are talking about original gothic not the new trendy gothic. Every bit of gothic you can get, we'll have it!

Hayley & Fiona: Garden of Delights have a definite image. Do you think the image is in danger of becoming bigger than the music?

Kleo: No. Definitely not!
Roger: Well I think one reflects the other. I think the image is important.
Kleo: As one reflects the other it's the same thing.
Cary: It isn't contrived. We haven't set out to create these images.

Hayley & Fiona: At your gigs it's always the same crowd. Why do you think you've got such a strong loyal following?

Cary: Because they like the music, I suppose.

Hayley & Fiona: Why you rather than some other Norwich band?

Kleo: Well I don't think we're the exception.
Roger: There aren't that many bands who cater to what that crowd like.

Hayley & Fiona: Do little things break your heart or do things tend to roll off you?

Roger: What now? Things don't break my heart but they annoy me. I've overcome this emotional entanglement with other beings. If I see cruelty or suffering it annoys me.

Hayley & Fiona: You're all vegetarians aren't you?

Roger: Yeah. In fact I often feel closer to animals than people (ditto - Ed.). People can be very tactless at times. Animals are more pure in their existence. I care a great deal about animals.
Kleo: Animals are dependant on the way humans care for them, and therefore we have a responsibility to protect them.

Hayley & Fiona: Do you think that if people were totally unselfish they may be used by others?

Roger: Well this is where you've got to develop yourself enough to know what is right and what is wrong. You can't say "Ah right I'm selfless y'know" and walk around like a zombie. You do need some self, some ego. This is to protect yourself and keep yourself in some kind of strength, you understand?
Kleo: Being selfless doesn't mean to be weak though. In actual fact to be selfless you need a great deal of strength.

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