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Gypsy's My Piece Of Mind Column in Peace & Freedom

Gypsy's Column for Peace & Freedom, No. 6, Vol. 2, Summer 1989

Heather Perk

Let's check out a few good compilations that have been doing the rounds in the last few months. First off: TRY SOME NEW, brought to us by: Teddy Bear Music, c/o Reiner Nikolai, Depenauer Weg 25, 3167 Burgdorf, West Germany, that's in case you would like to feature on one of his productions. The tape is distributed by Jar Music, Lima Str. 18, 1000 Berlin 37, West Germany. Some of the bands on this tape are Jar (himself), me (myself), Two Man's Answer, Geteiltte Kopfe, Laura Goes Blue and S. R. Hastings, in fact, that's all the bands that appear. The tape comes with contact addresses of the bands. 

Weed Sampler 3 is another comp. From Duren. On this you'll find Andi Xport, Les Larmes, Local Scandal, Cryptic Flowers, Lord Litter & Rattus Rex, and many others. This tape also comes with contact addresses. Available from Weed Music, c/o W. Pickart, Neue Julicherstr. 20, 516 Duren, West Germany. 

A Guide to Healthy Listening 3, OBS6, is another one from the Obscure Delight stables. On this one you'll find such artists as The Now, The Leisure Victims, Shadowplay, Contact Obsession, Them Geezers Over There, and Frei Gerard... yes, and it also comes with contact addresses. This gem is available at Obscure Delight, c/o Trevor Hall, 58 Peel Rd., Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6AL, England. Bored with compilations now, we move on. Dreamstate is a new collection of work by Donald Campau. Narration/music. If you want to find out what this is all about, write to Lonely Whistle Music, c/o Donald Campau, P.O. Box 23952, San Jose, California, 95060, USA. 

There are a few new tapes on my label (Rodent Tapes), which I'd like to mention here. Entropy Guild – just about everything recorded by them. Das Freie Orchestra Freiwild – this is music from the East Side of Berlin. Pretty interesting stuff, but don't take my word for it, write and order a copy. They're £2.50 each, which includes P&P. A few LP's worth mentioning: One of the tracks on Spacemen 3's “Playing with Fire”, called “Let Me Down Gently”, is the best piece of psychedelic music that I've heard in recent times, and I'm not going to compare it with anything else, well, maybe, Abba's “Fernando”...  The rest of the Spacemen's LP is in the same vein. 

Another record that's been around a while is by Gil Scott-Heron, the album's called “Reflections”. I suppose the music's jazz, but then again, it's Reggae, most of all, it's good. The main feature is a track called “'B' Movie”. The lyrics are worth a listen, somewhat out of date now, but there you have “Reflections”. 

FUGAZI -  need I say more, it's a neat LP. The track that comes across best is “Suggestion”, but we've all seen SNUB TV, haven't we. Well, the rest of their material is just as good. Fugazi – got it. 

Just came back from my weekly outing to the local Record Lenders where I came across this LP called “Vienna Art Orchestra”, a very interesting piece of work. The music was commissioned by the Viennese “Serapiontheater”.  Serapion is a theatre company that occupies a truly original place of its own in the Viennese theatre scene, being the only ensemble in Vienna that qualifies as an unconventional company far beyond the country's borders. It sees itself as a visual theatre, devoting a very large space to music, a circumstance which, so far, has led to a noticeable result in the production of unusual stage music, which in turn brought the company closer to dance. For more information contact: Moers Music, P.O. Boz 1612, D-4130 Moers 1, West Germany. 

What else have we here worth putting to paper? There's going to be a new compilation out by ITN soon. The man brings out some real good stuff, if you want to find out more about that, the contact address is: ITN, c/o Jeff Centrall, 5230-D Tamarack Blvd., Columbus, OH 43229, USA. 

My favourite band at the moment has to be Schockabilly. Besides doing the best covers that I've ever heard, and I'm sure somebody has heard better, they also write some pretty neat stuff themselves. Their music is varied in style, ranging from thrash-y to full-blown country with the odd classical bit thrown in. I know of three LP's by the band, they are “Colosseum”, “Heaven”, and “Vietnam”, which has an amazing cover version of that love classic, “Signed D.C. “Heaven” also boasts a pretty versatile version of “Life's a Gas”, from what's his name. Well, got to mention the cover on Colosseum now, and it's “Eight Miles High”, 'be nice to know who hasn't covered that one. Anyway, some good stuff on those LP's, worth checking out, I'd say. 

Some radio stations for you home tapers to send your music to are: Radio 100, Potsdamer Str. 131, 1000 Berlin 30, West Germany; DT64, Redaktion “Parocktikum”, Lutz Schramm, D-1160 Berlin, West Germany; David Newgarden, Upsala college, 345 Prospect Street, East Orange, NJ 07019, USA... all types of sound, but prefers unusual. Well, that's it for now, bye.

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