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Harald 'Sack' Ziegler - Schnapp Flopp Fetz (Cassette)


Schnapp Flopp Fetz

An ambient montage of sounds. Most of the vocals are in German, but it adds to the effect. 'Du Machst Mich An' contains a rocking horn melody. Harald creates a sharp industrial sound at the intro. of 'Vati', then continues with spoken lyrics and driving music.

- Andy Bruce, Peace & Freedom, No. 6, Vol. 2, Summer 1989

Schnapp Flopp Fetz Track Listing

1. Sie Riecht So Gut
2. Du Machst Mich An
3. Mine Is The Time
4. Vati
5. Teenage Lover
6. Frankfurter
7. In Der Heimat
8. An Der Côte D'Azur
9. It's Framing

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