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Jad Wio - Contact (Cassette)

JAD WIO - Interview

Jad Wio - 'Contact'

Very reminiscent of Marc Almond this tape, but classy stuff musically, and it is very well produced, with clever little nuances. 'Priscilla' is a rhythmic and melodic number, with subtle touches - a bit disorientating though the switches from English to French. A fine start to the tape. Other particularly notable tracks are '3615 Mad Sex', as raunchy as it sounds, musically at any rate; 'Version X Du Beauty & The Beast' is a symphonic masterpiece, nearly. 'Gimme Ur Night' sounds slightly Doorsian, with the Manzarek organ sound, and for a moment Jim Morrison is reborn...the rhythm is akin to The Doors in places, too, but Jad Wio have their own style, they have been compared to enough people as it is!

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 6, No. 3, Autumn/Winter 1989

Contact Track Listing

1. Priscilla
2. BrilnomBrilnom
3. L'Amour A La Hate
4. 3615 Mad Sex
5. B.B. Pinup Boy
6. Ophélie
7. Version X Du Beauty & The Beast
8. Gimme Ur Night
9. Ride On
10. C'est Ca

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