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Monty Cantsin

Monty Cantsin - MontyCantsin

Originally released as two 12 inches on the Canadian label, Yule, this is an extravanganze in music form of the neoist work ethic. "Mass Media" is a dazzling intro track with an Arabesque feel. "Chanson Á Mourir" - all French lyrics with diversification of sound. "Fake Science" is synth neoist orientation. Nice guitar. This Monty can certainly play. Side two includes a lot of synth and "Catastronics" - allied to Reaganomics no doubt - is the best with a bouncy, catchable tune that sums up the Neoism philosophy. Catch this man Cantsin, if you can.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 2, Summer 1985



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