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Speakeasi (Fanzine)

Speakeasi Issue 1

Superb first issue - the best I've seen since The Black Hole issue one. Very well written in-depth gig reviews - makes a change in muzak media. Gigs reviewed include York Festival and The Cult. Info featured. XY Love, Bogshed i/views followed by one on Kirk Brandon of Spear of Destiny. I agreed 100% with Kirk's assessment of the way music journalists slag to be "in". This is something that spoils a lot of fanzines - 'zines should be different to the "major's" - that's the whole point, i.e: not as nasty. Okay, preaching over. Kirk enhances his public image in the interview, which is nice as a lot of people I use to respect have come across as pretentious jerks. Brandon talks a lot of sense and seems natural and unaffected. As a fan of Theatre of Hate, I hope S.O.D. can surpass the former's popularity. Loved the 100% Awareness Quiz. Artist Paul Garrard extols the virtues of doing what you want to do and not being restricted by what one is told to do. Like the wit and joie de vivre of the 'zine - makes an change from the solemn, sour preachings of some ed's. The "cause" can be supported without an oak on yer shoulder!

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 2, Summer 1985



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