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Stephen recently sent E.R. two demo tapes. Both are good singalong stuff. The first demo has three simple songs, with acoustic guitar accompaniment. The second demo was recorded on 24-track, with two songs of differing mood. The first demo just shades it, but good to hear real songs again - and sung well.

- Paul Rance, Eastern Rainbow, No. 2, Spring 1993


Two demoes have recently been received from Stephen. The first is a demo of 5 tracks, featuring a sumptuous "Paradise Island", three Christmas songs, including the "Radio Cracker" hit, Christmas Bells are Ringing", and newie, "Hole In the Sky".

"Paradise Island" is also featured on the 5-track Spartacus Dance demo, and the other best track is "Tell Me Tommie - some glorious guitar on that one. SD seem a very proficient outfit.

- Paul Rance, Eastern Rainbow, No. 4, Winter 1994



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