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Fiona Snelson & Hayley Tagg's 1985 Garden Of Delights interview

The Black Hole (Fanzine)


It is 25 years in 2010 since the Peace & Freedom empire(!) began, and Hayley Tagg's 'The Black Hole' was the fanzine that kinda pushed me into starting up 'Peace & Freedom' in 1985. Hayley's Mum, Denise Tagg, passed away in 2010. My Mum, Thelma Rance, weakened by both a stroke and breast cancer, died on New Year's Day, 2012. They were both beautiful women - inside and out. - Paul Rance/

The Black Hole No. 2

The best value for money 'zine I've seen. 40 pages much of it in small print represents great value at 15p. Beautifully laid out - neat headings. Good in-depth interviews with Kate Garner, Farmers Boys and Room 101. Extensive Monochrome Set i/view, but a bit facile. Other i/views in issue 2 are done with APB, Screen 3, Negative Response, Window Test and Garden Of Delights. A profile of the pervie poet Eugene is included (give him a bar of soap somebody).

Gig reviews on The Smiths, Harry The Spiders Coming Out Party/Pink Peg Slag, Fiat Lux, Bourgie Bourgie, the perverted Fall, and a finely written report on Screen 3's last gig. Eugene and Russel Manley (Norwich's David Bailey) do a hatchet job in the tape review section, and sassy Hayley does an A-Z (virtually) 'zine guide (this ed. obviously doesn't just read the editorials!).

Superb cartoon and interesting Splatter movies feature. Also news of various bands including (apparently) electro-ambient band Andromeda.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 1, January 1985

The Black Hole No. 3

TBH has lost some of its innocence, but is still the best 'zine around. Big names, too, which transmorgrifies Paul Dimitrius Rance's skin colour to that of grass. The in-man, King, is interviewed, but as with the Dr. Feelgood i/view, is a bit too short. Of the others, Karen McD's Bluebells interview and comments are good fun; Flesh For Lulu get a massive, well-written build-up, but The Commotions interview seems a bit muddled. Other i/views include Fiat Lux, Cloud 9, Mystery Girls, The Fire and Northern Dancer.

Gig reviews are excellent and the standard of writing is the highest I've seen in a fanzine (as regards gig reviews). The Cure, Clash, Style Council, Redskins, Farmers Boys and New Order gig reviews are particularly notable. Tape reviews... uuuuuummmm. I won't waste words on people like Jason & Jason. A lot of fanzine reviews, but as space is a catch 22 situ (Hi Kev!), brevity is rife.

Lydia Lunch feature scared me to death, pertinent women rights feature, Revision piece, Neoism plagiarised, unemployment and drug articles. Poetry included, but to be dropped, which is disappointing. Info on Attrition, amongst others, in this 36 page, very well-produced (mostly reduced type) extravaganze - plus a Tom (dirty mind) Flynn cartoon. Buy it, read it, eat it!

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 2, Summer 1985

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