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The Black Hole Tape Compilation Series (Cassette)

The Black Hole Compilation Tape No. 1 - Art For Art's Sake

Good tape compilation of 23 tracks by 13 artistes. Faves on the tape are The Bugbears -"'77 Revisited". Vocals full of pathos, expecially on "Scary Times". "Waiting For the Bus" contains, again, simple guitar, but this time alongside percusion and another vocalist. In the days of over-production and shallow music, The BB's are a breath of fresh air to the sterility. Attrition - the band here, there and everywhere - have two tracks - "The Next Day" and "Reflections", which are synth orientated. Stunning vocal on the latter melancholic track. The former is of a faster tempo, which is the better of the two - in my opinion - because of it. Incongruous finish to side one by Kevin Drewitt with "Another Rainy Day In Wymondam" - Norfolk's answer to Mike Harding - a laugh.

Side two opens with Raw War - the most accomplished band on the tape; ex Floyd, Rats producer, James Guthrie, knits a fine tapestry. Rebel Truce follow and remind me greatly of Eddie & The Hot Rods (remember them?). The second most proficient band on the compilation - and one of the best I've heard come out of Norfolk. Roger On His Own expound on the human race evolving from Nepalese apes, as "Drink Yourself Sick" and "Another Plastic Ear" obviously indicates. Movement 14's "Playpower" and "The Show" are excellent tracks, but the former is spoilt by passé swearing (looking for street cred?). Very cohesive outfit, though, who show a lot of promise. Finally, Saturn 5's "Orion" winds up the diversity of the tape. Although a good track, per se, the latter would also make good soundtrack music. Good compo overall.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 2, Summer 1985



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