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The Gypsy Column in Peace & Freedom

Gypsy's Column for Peace & Freedom, Vol. 6, No. 3, Autumn/Winter 1989


Um, well, I'm not really that much into HC or thrash, but let me just throw two names at you. Iowa Beef Experience/Coolass Gravytrain - great name for a HC band - even some of the tracks appealed to my warped taste of music. Then there is Human Error/Unseen Terror - some really interesting lyrics - notably "Garfield for President". If HC is what turns you on, both these LP's are as good or bad as any - you just got to have Iowa Beef Experience in your collection - I have.

Back to the mundane. Up the road from me lives this Grateful Dead freak. Among his collection, I came across this Robert Hunter double album, "Amagamalin Street". I've always liked tracks that go on for 16-20 minutes. On this LP, one side is dedicated to a track called "Roseanne" - the rest of the album ranges from slow ballad type songs to the heavy country style. It should be fairly easy to get hold of, now all Dead and related material seems to be coming out of the woodwork.

I've stated before that what makes a record for me is the singer, being a voice man myself. There is a record that has been out since 1988 and for some reason didn't seem to do as well as it deserved. The artist, Toni Childs, the album, "Union"... This lady has a voice that can chill a heart. Brilliantly written songs.

Here is a bit of info that may interest gigging bands. There is now the possibility to have a live video of an hour made. The whole thing will cost you not more than 100 + travel costs for the crew members. The film will be shot with two cameras. If this is of interest, contact me, and we can look into it.

There is a German band that may well be appearing on our shores soon. The name of the band is Jesus Burning Liquor. Name of the album is "Steifen" - and I'm not going to translate that... If you would like to know more about this band, a track by them is on the "German Connection (Zone Two)" - available from Rodent Tapes, or you can write to: Drome... Hamburg, W. Germany - to get a price list or info. In case there are any bootleg fans reading this, write to: Glactus/AP... St. Albans, NY, U.S.A... Ask for his list of tapes for trade - you'll be amazed...

I, myself, am now working with a promotion company in Germany. If there are any bands that would like to have gigs in Germany, send me a tape of your material and I will pass it on for consideration. We are looking for material like Twelve 88 Cartel/Cranes/Entropy Guild. You will then be informed on the progress made. This venture has only just started. If you want more details about this project, please write to me at Rodent.

P. Kaa, in Belgium, who sings for Chapter 69, also does a fair amount of solo work. Tapes by him are available from: De Klank VZW... Westerlo, Belgium. He will either sell or trade with you... Some interesting work going on there, so get in touch, if you'd like to know more.

So, this will have to be all this time round... Hope there were some interesting pieces of information there for you. Thanx for your time.

Last Modified: 02 August 2013