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The Gypsy Column in Peace & Freedom

Gypsy's Column for Peace & Freedom, Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1991



There is a really good label in Germany, Irre Tapes. They recently released a very good compilation tape featuring: Sektor, Angels of the Odds, Trigger and the Acid Dream, X-Ray Pop and many more. The address to write to is: Irre Tapes... Kindsbach, West Germany. The name of the tape is: "Night & Daydreams", ITO12.

Robin Chuter... Tervuren, Belgium, runs a label called Fools Paradise. I've known Robin from since before he had his label, and he has really built up a good label there. Some of the stuff he has released is pretty amazing, well worth the 20p stamp to chick it out, he will reply.

Also received a tape from The Netherlands. The address is: Midas Music... Asten, Netherlands. If you want to write, the music they deal with is Experimental, ambient type stuff, so if you like that kind of sound, that's where you'll get some. Is it any good? I don't know, find out...

LP Reviews

Neil Young - Freedom

Yes - forget Bombing the Base, Neil's gone 'n' nuked the place. Crime in the City, keeps getting louder and louder, blaring out, twisting, turning, and I'm going back for more. This song's been around for years, just nobody's written it till now. Neil Young, well, he may have been playing the field in the last years, but with Freedom he ain't touched base. It's all there, everything you're gonna need from a record this year, so, if I was you, I'd waste the odd few pounds on this latest one. Oh, and while you're in the shop why not check out...

The Last Poets

Oh, my, people, produced by Bill Laswell, this was the first time I bought one of their records. I, me, liked it a lot - very different to the mainstream rap stuff that's going around, laid-backish, lovely lyrics, well-written and all that. It cost me 3.99 and I'm satisfied with it, I'll be checking out some of their other stuff.

Kate Bush - The Sensual World

It's okay.

Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy

Don't believe the hype, but it's a good record, laid-back, maybe it is the best thing he has done since "Infidel", but as far as I can make out, pretty much everything he's done in the last years has been pretty much instantly forgettable. Sadly, "Oh Mercy" hasn't got anything on it that will blow you away.

Dylan - "Hey Gypsy, my name equals $$$... I'll continue to turn 'em out, man."

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