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The Gypsy Column in Peace & Freedom

Gypsy's Column for Peace & Freedom, Vol. 7, No. 3, Winter 1991


Due to personal problems and the loss of Rodent Tapes HQ, the label will only be able to function as an incoming label. This means you can still send in material for consideration that will be used when RT resumes. RT is also looking for LP's of bands. These will directly go into a shop that distributes RT material (7", 12", EP's also welcomed). The address for now is: ... London (write in the first instance, if no reply, contact P&F, as the above is a temporary address - enclose SAE/IRC - Ed.).

Sorry for any inconvenience, it was beyond our means to avert this blow of fate.

Hawkwind Picture Disc

Very good condition. Anthology, Vol. III. Released 1986. Samurai Records. Offers c/o P&F. Enclose SAE. Send no money, the highest bidder will be contacted. Mark the envelope, Hawkwind P.D.

Stamps from other bidders will be used to give them the address of an American based Hawkwind fan with a mass of bootlegs. Bids start at 15.

New World Music

A New World of Experience/New World Connection 1/NWC 180 (Chrome; cover by Edward Burne-Jones)

I received the above mentioned 12-album sampler to review for this 'zine you are engulfed in. To begin, I will mention the artists featured: Terry Olfield, Dennis Quinn, Tim Wheater, Clifford White, Phil Thornton, Peter Howell, John Richardson, Med Goodall, Stairway - all taken from cassettes/CD's on said label.

The pigeonhole this music has been placed in is New Age. Personally, I find it sad that everything needs to be pigeonholed. this tape is music based around synthesized instruments, but there is a lot of guitar, flutes, percussion.

Most of the New World cassettes are for a specific purpose - relaxation (good after fending off Poll Tax bailiffs), meditation - mystical - celestial sounds - Music for Children - ethnic music... sacred chants.

The tape is a "New Age" cassette on the search for the "Mystical Old Age". There is no read need to go into individual artist's tracks. The sampler has been put together with such care that the soundscape it produces comes across as a whole. This does not mean it is boring; each ingredient the individual artist adds to the overall picture leaves this soundscape and you with a picture of tranquility and peace - a journey well undertaken.

Going through the catalogue, you will notice that the covers of most cassettes are beautiful. They are now available as art cards in packs of 12.

It has been a pleasure listening to this tape. I'm one of those people who likes to listen to a tape to help me cross that threshold of the waking world of reality. Again, here, this tape fulfills a useful purpose.

Cassettes are £6.95 each; CD's £10.95. Visionary art cards - 36 outstanding images inspired by Myth-dream, and the Spiritual Quest. Each pack of 12 is £7.95. SAE for catalogue (O/seas add £1 for each item).

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