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Techno Temple Choir (Sakura Wreckords, Y-6825/Cassette)

Seriously weird tape of noise, rhythms, and harmonics. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Never less than interesting, though.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 7, No. 3, Winter 1991

Psycohippodeliamental Disconesetechosition

Every track a hail, crumbling the tired walls of conformity; enough to set ripples, across even the most complacent of cuppas... Kraftwerk on hash browns.

- Chris McGlynn, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 9, No. 1, Summer 1993


A lot of bluesey guitar here,with a distinct Eastern fell. Some noise-terror with pain-riddled yawping, chaotic rhythms. Some contemplative moments, too.

- Paul Rance, Eastern Rainbow, No. 1, Summer 1992



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