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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Dance Naked Interview

(Originally appeared in Peace & Freedom, issue 3, January, 1986)

"The End" by The Doors currently penetrating my eardrums is not apt, or appropriate listening, when introducing a new group, but such is my quirky sense of humour.

Out of the ashes of Stress and Garden of Delights a new phoenix arises in the shape of Dance Naked, who, according to the hand-out, will "combine elements of both bands, with solid electronic rhythms and melodies fused with tribal percussion and powerful vocals."

Alan (formerly of Stress) and Kleo (formerly manager of G.O.D.) will now expound on their aims, beliefs, meaning - and their reasons for terminating their interests in their previous bands.


Our main object is to work towards to know your own nature, your own self, to find out how you work, not merely physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually - all have their part and none must be ignored.

What we are trying to say is that each and everyone is responsible for the path that their life will take - each is a step pushing you in a chosen direction and each act will cause certain reactions.

The exploration of your "self", making conscious what is being ignored and laying waste in the subconscious. The subconscious mind is open and receptive, the language of the subconscious is that of symbols - to realise consciously the value of symbols, to use them to attune the subconscious, to use the subconscious as a tool to control one's own destiny. These are all areas we wish to work with and explore, to achieve and bring to fruition the latent potential lying within us all.

"The Mark Upon the Brow" (DN lyric) is basically an exploration of alternate meanings to the tale of Cain & Abel, this sacrifice was the first to the Earth - the giving of life-blood to the soil - that the soil may give back its fruits.


There is a point to kill the brother,
There is a time when he must die.

Blood-brothers of the mystery,
Lovers of necessity,
Not to be struck down,
But driven from the ground.

Bloodshed - to make the God listen,
Listen to the Children of the Snake and Eve.

Put the Blood into the soil,
That it receives with open arms,
With the offering of life-blood,
You may walk over the land.

With the mark upon the brow.

Cain & Abel, but two aspects of the self - the sacrifice of oneself to a higher destiny - this corresponds with the card "The Hanged Man" in the tarot pack.

With the offering of life-blood, you may walk over the land" - this is the result of the sacrifice. This is to no longer be confined merely to the physical, the development of the potential within the achievement of the power of no longer being bound to matter alone, but the development and evolvement of the self. "The Mark Upon the Brown" - the mark that is there, but not to the physical eye.

"Dance Naked" is about the breaking of the illusions and deceptions we live, the things we wish to think of ourselves - to break those false images. To see through our self-deceptions - to face the bare truth of ourselves - to accept, and, thus, begin to move beyond our self-imposed limitations - to break negative emotional responses that restrict our development - to understand these negative responses, and, thus, gradually, clear the paths to our subconscious - the paths to understanding, integration and balance of the self.

Kleo then went on to add the reasons for the G.O.D. split: "We split up because we were very much in a stagnant state and needed to move forward. We are taking the best of the G.O.D. songs forward; adapting and improving them to fit our new format. The time was right for a change."

She then went on to add that DN were "totally involved" and "very dedicated". "We all have a need to express our ideas and thoughts creatively, not only through music, but visually, as well. The combination of people is good, energies respond well and stimulate new ideas and thoughts. We feel very positive about our future.


Live appearances will be a vital feature of Dance Naked. we want to be seen very much as a complete band, not just a studio or live band, but equally able to come across in both fields.

It's important to realise that with Dance Naked we are taking a step to realise our potential as human beings as well as a band.

Stress split through a multitude of reasons - differences, both musical and personal. I think that Phil and myself had been growing apart from each other musically for some time. Phil is, however, still a good friend.

I felt stifled and it seemed like the obvious time to say "enough" and Dance Naked grew out of that. It wasn't planned, but all fell into place very naturally.

Because of the democracy and joint dedication and optimism that exists in the band, I now feel free to have a real contribution towards my artistic and personal ambitions.

I have to adapt to a new way of working - it's invigorating and refreshing. I feel Dance Naked has huge potential and will be successful. It's enormously inspiring to work with people as dedicated, talented and hardworking as the other members. We all get on as individuals, but we all have a lot to offer in the creative sense as well.

The current music scene is ripe for a band that does not want to sound like the chart pap that we are force-fed. So many good bands "bland out" to gain exposure. Doing things our way, people will come to us, I hope, and we won't be prepared to do what commercial demands dictate.

There's a lot of things that are "important" in everybody's lives, but most people block them out and compensate with sedating substitutes, such as drugs, media and purile social activities. I can't believe that people really enjoy these things - they just accept them as a substitute for thinking and finding their true selves [I agree 150% -Ed.]. Music is a transitory thing. It has got an ability to communicate feelings, moods and ideas in a positive way.


Dance Naked -
Out of the clothes of cautious display.
Dance naked -
Revealing all as on the judgement day.

No longer in disguise,
Not hindered by restrictive lies.
Wearing the skins,
The skins that God gave you.

Dance naked -
Uncover the truth from your false array.
Dance naked -
Shedding the threads that conceal and betray.

No longer under wraps,
Nor held within fabricated traps.
Wearing the skins,
The skins that God gave you.

Meet the rhythm of your body,
And nature in the flesh.

Looking at primitive society, they have a much richer and fulfilled life than we do, but there is no reason that we cannot realise the same basic fulfillment in our society. We have the choice. There is a deeper reason within everyone and no-one is outside of that. They can realise it - if they want to. We're not trying to dictate what people should do, just presenting a way that we feel could offer more than is possible for most people. It's impossible to be universally objective about this. We have our ideas and opinions and we are not ashamed of them. Mankind has the ability to control its own destiny and it's a waste to throw that away. I'm speaking for myself here, but the fellow feeling is strong.

Alan went on to add that "Dance Naked will be a valid force for change, but I certainly think that we want to communicate on all levels." Alan also stated that Adventures in Reality Records would continue "and be an umbrella for all of our activity... It will encompass myself and Kleo and we will be behind Dance Naked fully, and will also cover film and artistic activity, too." The company that helped the likes of SPK & Test Department has been around a while and in Alan's words "is far from finished - it's just a new beginning."

Judging by the lyrics and music of G.O.D. and Stress - a combination of the two will, indeed, be a powerful force. Deep lyrics with a power of rhythm and richness of sound is what I envisage... We shall see.

DN are "committed" to getting an 8-track studio, badge and T-shirt production. Plans are also advanced on a tour of Holland in the spring, and possibly some gigs in Germany, as well. They are looking for a record deal, but on their own terms and will launch their own LP, if necessary.

DN welcome fanzines, magazines, tape compilers, etc. to write to them. They have just launched a 1,200 mailshot, so money for postage is probably tight! DN are four of the nicest people you could wish to meet. Stay that way lads and lass!



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