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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Passion Noire Interview

(Originally appeared in Peace & Freedom Volume 8, Number 1, Autumn 1992)

Passion Noire are an excellent German band from Waldbrol. They have a 12" record out, Smell of Spring, which is the first release from this German trio on vinyl. Dark, dramatic vocals with jaunty accompaniment on all three tracks. "Blue Light" is the best, with throbbing, brooding rhythm and vocals, lightened by good use of keyboards. "Waves" is a subdued number complementing the other tracks, with "Smell of Spring" also beiing a brooder, but bouncier than "Blue Light". Available from Big Noise Records.

The band were interviewed by Paul Rance a few months ago...

Has the 12" been worth the investment, and what has the feedback been like?

The 12" should never be an investment, sometimes there is a moment/period in your life, when you must do something andits purpose is deep inside of you, and you do it only for yourself. The feedback is fantastic, and we never thought that it could be like this.

With Germany becoming united, has there been any noticeable contribution to the German rock scene from East German bands?

We think it's very difficult to say something about East German bands and the influences in the last year. Because we didn't recognise it.

How do you feel about the unification, and of Europe, generally, becoming more united politically?

All our aims should be to be united. We all have to tolerate other cultures/political opinions and social structures.

Back to your own music. There seems a poetical quality to your work, so who are your influences, either in literature or music?

For me, the singer, there exists no conscious influence by literature or something else. I write my lyrics in different situations and these situations give the material for new songs. Spontaneous writings are often the best. In the same way, we compose our music.

What is the music scene like, as a whole, in Germany?

There exists three parts in the music scene in Germany. Dancefloor, fashioon (hip hop, techno), and independent.

Are there many opportunities for "new" bands to play, and perform, in venues, or on radio/TV programmes?

For "new" bands it's sometimes very difficult to find a gig or someone who writes something about their art. In Germany, and we think it is the same all over the world, you need connections.

What would be success for you, re your music?

There are two kinds of success! The commercial success is, to sell our records and earn enough money to record the next one. The real success is, that people feel good, when they listen to our music.

What plans have you for your style in the future?

We found our own style half a year ago, and we won't change it, because it is the only one for us.

What is your most memorable moment, so far, in music and life?

In our musical life it was very important to record our first 12". In real life, the most memorable moment was to meet each other.

Passion Noire Music Reviews


Received another one track tape from German Band, Passion Noire. Another good one, particularly liked the Latinesque guitar line on this one.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 7, No. 2, Summer 1991

As Time Goes By (BN 452/CD) (1992)

First CD by this Waldbröl based trio. Seven new tracks and the eighth and final being the sultry 'Blue Light'. Of the rest, 'Sister Moon' is reminiscent of Lives Of Angels at their best. A swathe of guitars on this one. All in all probably a darker sound than before. Ulrike's voice aches with sexuality - shades of Nico and Marlene.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, Vol. 9, No. 1, Summer 1993

As Time Goes By Track Listing

  1. Warm You Up (3:40)
  2. Every Day (2:54)
  3. Sister Moon (2:49)
  4. Cry (3:28)
  5. Joy Of Hate Vol. I (1:20)
  6. Joy Of Hate Vol. II (3:58)
  7. As Time Goes By (3:26)
  8. Blue Light (3:48)

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