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Rodent Tapes Compilations

The Rodent Tapes Compilations were put together by Gypsy (Ralf Bevis) in the 80s, and featured many of the alternative and underground acts of that decade, which included Lord Litter, Rattus Rex, Heather Perkins and Don Campau. "The German Connection" was a compilation series that featured 1980's German underground music.

Rodent Tapes First Compilation

Useful experimental comp, put together by Gypsy's new label. Star turns are Gypsy/Williams, Yelloes, Steve Williams and Dancing Chromosomes. A must for keyboard/meaty guitar freaks.

Rodent Tapes Second Compilation

Another rat's tail of a comp. Lord Litter enhances his already enhanced reputation, and Heather Perkins, a name to swallow, puts together some synthy sounds. "I'm Not" is reminiscent of OMD's "Bunker Soldiers". I hope this lasss is an inspiration to other girlies, not enough in the indie scene. A truly international comp, and, again, useful.

Discovery One

This tape features eleven acts from around the world. A drunken version of "Singing in the Rain" by Sack. Rattus Rex are heavy water synthing, Cathedral keyboarding from Toshi, followed by some mean guitar..

Discovery Two

Various artists - Appi, Ubuibu, PBK, Ix Ex Splue, Kein Mensch, Larry Ruhl, L Edapps A Moth, Gypsy.


Various Artists - Lord Litter, Don Campau, Heather Perkins, Chapter 69, Carmie, Entropy Guild, Adrian Cox, Opera Multi Steel, Didi.

The German Connection (Zone One)

Gypsy puts out a lot of variety in his tapes and this is another example. Mostly rocky stuff, proficiently put together. Artists include The Beautitudes, Sugar Puffs and Well, Well, Well.

The German Connection (Zone Two)

A great compilation tape featuring some excellent German music. Atmospheric and memorable sounds from The Vee Jays, Art & Decay, Blackout, Billion Bob & the Von Govias, Remain in Silence, and more. Nearly all have English lyrics like "Mexico" and "Space Cowboy".

Blackout Promotions Presents...

Bands from the current German music scene produced by Blackout Promotions. "Sign of the Pagan" by Scaffold races along with a heavy metal/thrash sound. Brilliant synth, bass and guitar work on "The Endless Way" by The Convent, with dramatic vocals. Basement play a real hot, driving groove on "One More Time". Highly addictive music!


- Paul Rance/Andy Bruce, Peace & Freedom, No. 6, Vol. 1, Spring 1989 & No. 6, Vol. 2, Summer 1989



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