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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Sarah Records Interview

Interview with Clare of Sarah Records in 1989 by Paul Rance.

How did you start up the label?

The label was set up about two years ago. Both myself and Matt had previously been involved with fanzines/flexis, and in particular had both been involved with Sea Urchins flexis. I put out "Cling Film" and Matt was involved with "Summershine"... so, having decided to set up Sarah together, the wee Urchins were the obvious choice for our debut releases. And so it went on.

Bands on your label?

Well, on the whole, we don't know that much about them, but I'll tell you what I do know.

The Orchids
A 5-piece from Glasgow. Releases:
From This Day Sha-la-la 005 July 1985
I've Got a Habit Sarah 2 January 1988
Underneath the Whatsit Sarah 11 November 1988
Lyceum (10" mini LP containing 8 songs) Sarah 40 August 1989
What Will We Do Next? Sarah 23 August 1989
Another Sunny Day
Harvey Williams of Penzance, now resident in London. All releases have been on Sarah.
The Field Mice
2-piece from South London, though there is always talk of expansion, for live work at least.
St. Christopher
4-piece from York. Released three singles on their own Blue Grass label previous to working with us. There also exists a couple of flexis.
Christine's Cat
From Glasgow.
Band from Worthing.
The Wake
Ex Factory. Debut September (last).

Bands to watch out for?

The Sea Urchins, I guess.

Joys and tribulations?

The major joy is the letters we get. If we didn't get such a wonderful response from the people who buy the records, then there wouldn't seem any point to it all, and I don't suppose we'd do it. That's really what makes the whole thing worthwhile. Also, of course, things like getting a new demo tape that's absolutely wonderful, and hearing the new stuff the bands on the label record for us. Tribulations? Printers [and then a list of bands, a joke, I think/hope?! -Ed.]

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