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Paths Of Glory
Paths of Glory

This is one of the most powerful anti-war movies ever made, and established Stanley Kubrick as one of the great directors of his generation.

Kubrick also co-wrote the screenplay with Calder Willingham and Jim Thompson, which was adoped from a novel by Humphrey Cobb.

The story of three French soldiers, courtmartialled for cowardice in the trenches of World War One France, sees a searing performance by a compassionate Kirk Douglas (Colonel Dax), and an equally excellent performance by Adolphe Menjou (General George Broulard) as an inhuman monster.

Photography was by Georg Krause, and music was by Gerald Fried. No Oscars seemed scant reward for all the makers of this wonderfully moving film.

- Paul Rance/

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Paths Of Glory Main Cast List
Kirk Douglas as Col. Dax
Ralph Meeker as Cpl. Philippe Paris
Adolphe Menjou as Gen. George Broulard
George Macready as Gen. Paul Mireau
Wayne Morris as Lt. Roget/Singing man
Richard Anderson as Maj. Saint-Auban
Joe Turkel as Pvt. Pierre Arnaud (as Joseph Turkel)
Christiane Kubrick as German singer (as Susanne Christian)
Jerry Hausner as Proprietor of cafe
Peter Capell as Narrator of opening sequence/Judge (colonel) of court-martial
Emile Meyer as Father Dupree
Bert Freed as Sgt. Boulanger
Kem Dibbs as Pvt. Lejeune
Timothy Carey as Pvt. Maurice Ferol
Fred Bell as Shell-shock victim

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

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Paths Of Glory
Paths of Glory

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Paths of Glory
Author: Anthony Clayton
Author: Anthony Clayton

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