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What is this spectacle I see before me?
Posing in the name of art?
A load of bricks, placed like a path
A cow which has lost its other half;
A window staring into space
Even a lavatory, complete with lid:
Paintings in monotones of pink and purple
No scene or setting, not even a circle
Merely canvases with two colours.

Are these weird displays a con trick?
I prefer pictures impressionistic
Even Picasso has his points:
How on earth did it reach the halls of fame?
A lazy man's show requiring little effort
Anyone can play that game
But then that is only my opinion.


Wearily sitting on banks of green grasses
Browning in hot summer sun
Staring down at the road winding below her
From which she had come with so many others
Wending their way back to Kosovo:
Sadly knowing she had lost family and friends
Searching for loved ones amongst ruined villages
Still hoping, hoping to find someone who knew her.

Remembering days before ethnic cleansing
The ravages of war which seemed never ending
Her time in the camp, salvation from hunger
When wandering helplessly, lost in the wilderness
An experience she had never thought would be hers
When she sat with her children, husband and sisters
On comfortable sofas knitting or sewing,
Days gone forever in poignant memories
Times taken for granted in everyday life.

Tears wetting her cheeks she watched with dazed eyes
The ribbon of humanity with handcarts and cars
On the long winding road lying below her
Always hoping, hoping to see someone who knew her.

© All work copyright of Barbara Carpenter.

BARBARA is from Purley, Surrey, and has been published several times by PEACE & FREEDOM PRESS.

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