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Lost In Space 1960s TV Series Main Cast List (actors listed first)


Guy Williams Professor John Robinson
June Lockhart Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard Don West
Marta Kristen Judy Robinson
Billy Mumy Will Robinson
Angela Cartwright Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris Doctor Zachary Smith

Summaries of Selected Lost in Spade Episodes by Paul Rance

The Girl from the Green Dimension
Smith's old flame Athena (Vitina Marcus) appears again, but her jealous ex Urso (Harry Raybould) is not too happy with the lily livered doctor. Athena expects Smith to fight to the death with Urso for her affections, who also turns Will Robinson green in a show of pique. It's pistols at dawn, and Smith does the only wise thing he can do given the circumstances.

The Questing Beast
A knight and a teleporting female dragon have a bit of fun, as Smith and Will befriend the knight, and Penny the dragon. Look out for a bespectacled basset hound, too.

The Toymaker
Smith and Will tamper with a toymaking machine, as they look for a present to get for Penny's birthday. Things don't go to plan though, as the duo find themselves in another dimension among a raft of toys.

The Space Vikings
A pair of gauntlets fall out of the sky, which Smith picks up and tries on, and then a hammer arrives out of the sky too. The hammer and gauntlets have magical powers, and a Valykrie, Brynhilda (Sheila Mathews), appears to take Smith away - to Valhalla! There, an angry Thor (Bern Hoffman) wants his gauntlets back.

The Cave of the Wizards
Stranger than usual goings on, as Smith turns into a blue version of Spock, and the Robot gets ideas above his station as he turns partly gold, and now likes to be referred to as 'Golden Boy'.

Revolt of the Androids
An android has been sent to kill an old friend of the Robinsons, Verda (Dee Hartford). But, the android (Don Matheson) has some human characteristics and is not an effective killer. A super android is then sent to replace him.

The Colonists
A beautiful female warrior, Niolani (Francine  York), believes females are the superior gender. Bad news for the males on Jupiter 2 - apart from Smith, who Niolani takes a shine to.

Trip Through the Robot
The Robot starts losing power, and then magnifies greatly in size as he appears to be 'dying'. Will and Smith can only revive him by going inside him.

The Phantom Family
Red alien scientist Lemnoc (Alan Hewitt) captures, then replaces Smith, Don, Penny and Judy with android duplicates. Will and the Robot are then used by Lemnoc to teach the androids various human skills to inspire Lemnoc's lacklustre people.

The Mechanical Men
An army of mechanical men capture Smith, but their real purpose is to call on the Robot to be their leader. As leader the Robot wears a purple cloak and crown, but he seeks to be a compassionate leader - which goes against the mechanical men's philosophy. The Robot and Smith's personalities are then swapped, which spells trouble for those remaining on Jupiter 2.

Visit to a Hostile Planet
The Jupiter 2 crew are affected by a time warp that sends them back to 1947. Landing in rural Michigan locals are hostile to what they see as an alien race called the Voltones. Unsurprisingly, Smith sees an opportunity by posing as a fire chief to wield some authority.

The Space Primevals
A primitive tribe worship a mechanical device, and Smith and Major West are in danger, but a strange thing happens between them. Another highlight is the Robot's dance moves.

Space Destructors
As if one Smith wasn't enough, a whole crop of Smiths appear (over 30 years before the same happened in The Matrix). Finding that he can create cyborgs in his own image, Smith gets delusions of grandeur creating cyborgs with the power of historical leaders like Napoleon, Alexander, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan. But his plan backfires...

Condemned of Space
The first episode of the third and final series sees Smith and Will come face to face with prisoners frozen in time. Smith, unwisely, decides to thaw out one of the prisoners. The Robot also comes face to face with one of his own kind.

Collision of Planets
With the Robinson clan under pressure to leave a planet quickly from a space biker gang, Smith becomes loud and powerful after inhaling green smoke, which also gives him curly green hair.

Deadliest of the Species
The Robot falls for an evil female robot, who does her best to corrupt him. An emotional episode as the Robot shows his very human side - and cries.

Castles in Space
"Rolypoly rowdy" Robot gets drunk as a silver Mexican probes the Robot for information about an ice princess woken from her slumber.

The Anti-Matter Man
One of the darkest episodes of Lost in Space, as a sinister anti-matter John Robinson tries to replace the real thing. An anti-matter Major West looks even more sinister. While the Robot then makes a disturbing discovery...

Fugitives in Space
Smith and Major West face an eternity of hard labour alongside a con who tells Smith he's been in prison over 200 years. The Robot, complete with chef's hat and apron, bakes a cake with a little extra as part of a cunning escape plan...

Space Beauty
Judy enters a beauty contest, and Smith spots an opportunity. The Robot also does a star turn as a fetching female. But when Judy is selected as the winner things take a dark turn.

The Great Vegetable Rebellion
A silly episode, with a carrotman, and Smith is turned into a celeryman, as vegetables strike back. It's also the Robot's birthday.


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