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One Million Years BC [1966]

Raquel Welch DVDs Comments on One Million Years BC
Raquel Welch famously struts her stuff in a dubious bikini, and seemingly everyone else speaks one word: "Akita", which seemed to surface in one or two other similar pics. 'One Million Years BC' seems to have grown in status, and should, in terms of accuracy, be taken with a pinch, nay, a cellar, of salt. If you do that, it can be seen as the fairly entertaining and curious movie it is. - Paul Rance.

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Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC

Raquel Welch in the pose from 'One Million Years BC', which made her a '60s icon

One Million Years BC Synopsis
Fantasy tale of two people from opposing tribes who must survive the onslaught of giant reptiles before their love can be fulfilled.

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