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Starman [1984]

Starman [1984] DVD

Jeff Bridges DVDs Comments on Starman
Possibly the most underrated of all science fiction films. Jeff Bridges gives a memorable performance (which won him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor) as a gentle alien who can't comprehend the mindless cruelty of mankind. - Paul Rance.

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Starman Cast List
Actor/Actress Role
Jeff Bridges Starman/Scott Hayden
Karen Allen Jenny Hayden
Charles Martin Smith Mark Shermin
Richard Jaeckel George Fox
Robert Phalen Major Bell
Tony Edwards Sergeant Lemon
John Walter Davis Brad Heinmuller
Ted White Deer Hunter
Dirk Blocker Cop #1
M. C. Gainey Cop #2
Buck Flower Cook
Ralph Cosham Marine Lieutenant
Lu Leonard Roadhouse Waitress
Mickey Jones Truck Driver

Starman Synopsis
As a result of the 1970s Voyager II space probe, an alien ship is sent to study Earth. The alien assumes the form of a woman's dead husband and together they battle against the military and the authorities to send the alien back to his own world.

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