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V TV Series
an appreciation


V Cover

'V' remains one of the greatest sci-fi series ever made. Written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, it was screened on ITV in the UK originally in 1984, competing against the L.A. Olympics on the BBC.

Striking special effects, superb spine-tingling music by Dennis McCarthy, and fine acting from an accomplished cast all contributed to make this a great television spectacle.

As with a lot of classic sci-fi there was the allegorical tale of 20th Century style good versus evil, and who would join the Resistance, and who would kowtow to the aliens (known as Visitors), thus resonating with how nations such as France reacted to the Nazis. The aliens are creepily convincing, at first - especially Richard Herd's alien leader John - as genuine good guys, but beneath the skin beats the heart of a reptile!

Marc Singer, as have-a-go hero Mike Donovan, leads the Resistance, with pretty sidekick Juliet Parrish, played by Faye Grant, and they get unexpected Visitor support from Frank Ashmore's Martin. Another Visitor who also supports the Resistance is Willie, played by Robert Englund. A gentle role for Englund, who later found fame as Freddy Krueger! Michael Ironside is very impressive as the Resistance fighter Ham Tyler - a man not interested in soft options...

Shocking as it is to see the aliens eating unfortunate rodents alive, it gets worse...A food processing plant is discovered, and humans are on the menu. Also shocking is the alien baby being born to a human. Probably a TV first, I think!

- Paul Rance/

V Cast List (in alphabetical order)
Frank Ashmore - Martin/Phillip
Jane Badler - Diana
June Chadwick - Lydia
Jennifer Cooke - Elizabeth Maxwell
Michael Durrell - Robert Maxwell
Robert Englund - Willie
Faye Grant - Julie Parish
Richard Herd - John
Thomas Hill - Father Andrew
Michael Ironside - Ham Tyler
Peter Nelson - Brian
David Packer - Daniel Bernstein
Neva Patterson - Eleanor Dupres
Tommy Peterson - Josh Brooks
Andrew Prine - Steven
Duncan Regehr - Charles
Christopher Shobe - Louis
Sandy Simpson - Mark
Marc Singer - Mike Donovan
Lane Smith - Nathan Bates
Blair Tefkin - Robin Maxwell
Michael Wright - Elias Taylor
Jeff Yagher - Kyle Bates

V DVDs - available from

V - The Final Battle
V - The Mini Series

V DVDs - available from

V - The Final Battle
V - The Original TV Miniseries


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