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Willow [1988] []

Willow [1988] DVD

Willow (Special Edition) DVD
Willow (Special Edition) ( Comments on Willow
The '80s saw a number of attractive fantasy movies for a family audience, and this was one of the best. Some amazing special effects. - Paul Rance.

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Willow Cast List
Actor/Actress Role
Val Kilmer Madmartigan
Joanne Whalley Sorsha
Warwick Davis Willow Ufgood
Jean Marsh Queen Bavmorda
Patricia Hayes Fin Raziel
Billy Barty High Aldwin
Pat Roach General Kael
Gavan O'Herlihy Airk Thaughbaer
David Steinberg Meegosh
Phil Fondacaro Vohnkar
Tony Cox Vohnkar warrior
Robert Gillibrand Vohnkar warrior
Mark Northover Burglekutt
Kevin Pollak Rool
Rick Overton Franjean

Willow Synopsis
In this sword and sorcery fantasy tale a timid yet valiant dwarf is entrusted with delivering a tiny royal infant from evil. His journey is dangerous as he encounters many characters along the way.

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