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Based on the E.B. White book, this is an enchanting family film, with an albeit bizarre storyline.

Mr. and Mrs. Little (Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis) adopt a brother for son George (Jonathan Lipnicki) - and they pick a chirpy little white mouse called Stuart (voiced by Michael J. Fox).

Indifferent at first, George grows to love Stuart, and even the initially jealous, grumpy, white family cat, Snowbell, puts his life on the line, to save Stuart from a feline mob.

A feline scam had earlier seen mice used as bogus parents of Stuart, to take him away from the Little family, but even the fake parent mice get cold feet - when they realise Stuart is to be dinner.

It's a film with moments of pathos, but nothing too heavy, and lots of humour, and Stuart's animation is superb. One of the best family films of recent years.

- Paul Rance/

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Stuart Little Main Cast List
Michael J. Fox as Stuart Little (voice)
Geena Davis as Mrs. Eleanor Little
Hugh Laurie as Mr. Fredrick Little
Jonathan Lipnicki as George Little
Nathan Lane as Snowbell 'Snow', the Little's house-cat (voice)
Chazz Palminteri as Smokey, the Chief Alley-Cat (voice)
Steve Zahn as Monty the Mouth (voice)
Jim Doughan as Detective Allen/Voice of Lucky (Alley Cat)
David Alan Grier as Red (Alley Cat) (voice)
Bruno Kirby as Mr. Reginald 'Reggie' Stout (voice)
Jennifer Tilly as Mrs. Camille Stout (voice)
Stan Freberg as Race Announcer (voice)
Jeffrey Jones as Uncle Crenshaw Little
Connie Ray as Aunt Tina Little
Allyce Beasley as Aunt Beatrice Little
Brian Doyle-Murray as Cousin Edgar Little
Estelle Getty as Grandma Estelle Little
Harold Gould as Grandpa Spencer Little
Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Uncle Stretch Little (as Patrick O'Brien)
Julia Sweeney as Mrs. Keeper, the Orphanage Owner
Dabney Coleman as Dr. Beechwood
Miles Marsico as Anton
Jon Polito as Detective Sherman

Directed by Rob Minkoff


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Stuart Little 2
Stuart Little 2

Amazon Original 'Stuart Little' Book - on which the film was based

Stuart Little / Stuart Little
Author: E. B. White
Three Beloved Classics by E.B. White (incl. Stuart Little)
Author: E. B. White

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Stuart Little 3
Stuart Little 3 Big Photo Adventure

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