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Cain Dingle, who returned to Emmerdale in 2009, has been a violent, womanising sadist in the past, but at least he began to show some signs of compassion towards the end of his previous stint on Emmerdale. This Wikipedia article recalls just how baaad Cain Dingle was, though it's not totally comprehensive - as it omits mention of Dingle killing his half brother Sam's chickens. What a swine! In October 2012, Cain became a grandfather again, so we should now start seeing him become more mellow...

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Cain Dingle

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 : Cain Dingle Celebrity Face Mask

Cain Dingle Celebrity Face Mask
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Cain Dingle is a fictional character on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. He is played by Jeff Hordley.


The book Cain used to show Jasmine Thomas he is not just a small minded thug, and eventually seduce her was The Dice Man by Luke Rhineheart.

Cain drove an old beat up BMW car to cover his tracks from the 520i with the registration VEC 564Y until he set fire to the police. Cain lamented that the car had never let him down.


Zak Dingle - father
Faith Dingle - mother
Debbie Dingle - daughter
Sarah Dingle - granddaughter
Shadrach Dingle - uncle/stepfather (previously thought to be his father)
Lisa Dingle - stepmother
Chastity Dingle - half-sister (same mother)
Ben Dingle (deceased) - half-brother (same father)
Butch Dingle (deceased) - half-brother (same father)
Sam Dingle - half-brother (same father)
Tina Dingle - half-sister (same father)
Belle Dingle - half-sister (same father)
Charity Tate - first cousin once removed
Samson Dingle - nephew
Aaron Livesy - nephew

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