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'Bambi DVD' Bambi
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Walt Disney's 'Bambi' is a masterpiece. There are moments where you can nitpick, when Bambi's mother died we then go into a joyful scene very suddenly, and some of the songs sound a little dated in their arrangement, but they're good tunes nonetheless.

Bambi is the star, but Thumper isn't far behind with his infectious joie de vivre, and that irritating thumping greeting!

The film isn't twee, as the death of Bambi's mother is dealt with in almost a matter of fact way, when Bambi's father says, rather coldly, "Your mother can't be with you anymore."

The animation is wonderful, and was groundbreaking for the early '40s. The other magical moments are when Bambi shyly discovers love, and when he reunites with his father again. The dark terror of the animals fleeing the forest, when its's burning, is also impressively conveyed.

The film has quite a strong moral stance, and man is portrayed as cruel. Notably, this was a film made when animal welfare issues were not deemed as important as they are today.

You won't find many better animated films than this one.

The DVD of the film has some very interesting extras, and is especially of interest to anyone interested in the mechanics of animation. We also see how 'Bambi' was made.

- Paul Rance/

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Bambi Main Voice Cast List
(all uncredited)

Hardie Albright as Bambi (adolescent)
Stan Alexander as Flower (young)
Peter Behn as Thumper (young)
Thelma Boardman as Mrs. Quail
Marion Darlington as Bird Calls
Tim Davis as Thumper (adult)/Flower (adolescent)
Donnie Dunagan as Bambi (young)
Sam Edwards as Thumper
Ann Gillis as Faline (adult)
Sterling Holloway as Flower (adult)
Thelma Hubbard as Girl Bunny/Quail Mother/Female Pheasant
Cammie King as Faline
Mary Lansing as Aunt Ena/Mrs. Possum
Margaret Lee as Mrs. Rabbit
Donald Novis as singer 'Love Is a Song'
Fred Shields as Great Prince of the Forest
Bobby Stewart as Bambi (baby)
John Sutherland as Bambi (adult)
Paula Winslowe as Bambi's Mother
Will Wright as Friend Owl

Directed by David D. Hand

Amazon Original Soundtrack CDs of the film

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Amazon Original 'Bambi' Book - on which the film was based

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