'A Tale Of Two Cities' is probably the finest book Charles Dickens ever wrote, and is a strong contender for the greatest-ever novel written by a British author.

This book shows humanity at its darkest, but also at its most noble. 'A Tale Of Two Cities' makes us think about ourselves, and how we would react in a similar situation. Would we REALLY give up our life for someone we love?

Set in the years before and during the French Revolution, and its vile progeny, 'The Reign Of Terror', 'A Tale Of Two Cities' revolves around Lucie Manette, and the two men after her heart, Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay. The humanity of Dickens was never better expressed than here.

- Paul Rance/

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Charles Dickens - 'A Tale Of Two Cities'
A Tale of Two Cities
Author: Charles Dickens

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A Tale of Two Cities
Author: Charles Dickens

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