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Send a C5 SAE to the address below, to see if any copies are still available, or email
CARDINAL COX, 58 Pennington, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5RB.

The Folk Show: Pennies in a Battered Hat
Anything with an Albrecht Dürer illo on the cover will always grab my attention. Very rich, poetic portraits of life in and around the Peterborough area, with notes on music performers with local connections.

Catalonia Calling
A timely reminder in poetry form and the Cardinal's diligent notes of Catalonia and Spain's troubled past.

Cardinal Cox's The Rock Show Three: Do You Ken John Peel?

The Rock Show Three: Do You Ken John Peel?
Music history coming at ya from all directions, and summing up the joy of discovering all types of music in the 1970s, including in dodgy environments.

The Rock Show 0.1: Top Gear
A nice nod at those who have performed at the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival in the past. While the poetry here is wistful, and this is possibly the Cardinal's finest collection.  Especially noteworthy are 'Bluebirds have Flown' and 'Saying Amen'.

Commotion Time and Ouse Valley Revolt
Though England seems to many to be a conservative nation, ever since the Peasants' Revolt in 1381 the people often revolted. Here, Cardinal Cox uses his typically effective mix of poetry and notes to cover revolts in Eastern England in the mid-16th Century ('Commotion Time'), and in the years just after Waterloo ('Ouse Valley Revolt').

Wonderfully Wasted Weekends
A cool dinosaur greets us on the cover of this pamphlet, which consists of poetry inspired by the Cardinal's memories of old sci-fi TV shows and of being a guest at the anime convention, CamCon 2014.

Once We Were Happy With Crowns Upon Our Brows, But Now We Suffer Shackles On Our Souls
A collection inspired by the Communards of France of the 1870s with a glam rock twist for a hundred years later. 

"Does Magna Carta Mean Nothing To You? Did She Die in Vain?"
Yes, one of the classic Tony Hancock lines obviously inspired the title for this pamphlet, which offers poetry reflecting on the odious King John, the Magna Carta and his links to East Anglia. Someone will be lucky one day and find a heap of his gold that went missing around the King's Lynn area...

Decadence/Circus Suite
The Cardinal's third burlesque-related poetry collection. 

Codex Lilith
Co-created with T. Kelly Lee, the work here was inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, with a focus on a Lovecraftian witch-cult! 

Green Coated Poet
A pamphlet marking the 150th anniversary of the death of the poet John Clare. Clare was a tortured soul during life, and the Cardinal recognises the fact with some of his most sensitive work yet. The notes also help to flesh out the life of the poet, too.

The Rock Show Zero: The Perfumed Garden
Superb collection of poetry with a healthy nod at rock luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix ('Blue Haze') and The Beatles ('Tiny Shiny Things') - and the title of John Peel's radio show of the same name in the 1960s. All linked together by the comments of Pirate Radio Polly's DJ Dave Spargo (if only he was real that would be something). Amidst the poetry is also a prose piece, 'Aretha Sings Otis'. 

From Space
Cardinal Cox poetry that was inspired by a space exploration exhibition that was held at Peterborough Museum in 2013. The poems are also inspired by the late Iain Banks and Martian machines, while mentions of Ladybird books and Brooke Bond Tea cards rekindle my own childhood memories regarding the space age of the 1960s and 1970s. 

Renku John Clare
A superb tribute to John Clare in the form of this collection of the short poetry form, the renku. The beautiful illustrations are a treat, too. I'll have to go back to Newquay and try and be as inspired as the Cardinal was when writing the poems here.

Codex Ponape
Edited by Dai Roll Images thrown with gay abandon to be consumed by the reader, with musical references ranging from Hank Williams to Captain Beefheart. Another of the Cardinal's pamphlets that owes a debt to H.P. Lovecraft. 

Red Skies
Probably Cardinal Cox's most powerful poetry collection to date, and one which puts a twist on actual historical events. Very strong imagery that brings home both the miserable consequences of conflict, and how freedom often comes at a very high cost. 

Fables from the Fantasy Fayre
A pamphlet that was released to coincide with the 21st anniversary of the first Peterborough Fantasy Fair, which the Cardinal helped to organise. Containing some of the Cardinal's most eye-popping imagery, 'Fables from the Fantasy Fayre' features poetry that reflects on the diverse nature of the fair's attendees, which has ranged from Vikings to Trekkies. 

Songs of the Zeroth International
A booklet that imagines, through poetry, the hippie movement of the 1960s in an arguably even more turbulent time in history - the mid-19th Century.
Send a C5 SAE to the address below, to see if any copies are still available, or email
CARDINAL COX, 58 Pennington, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5RB.

Older Reviews

Cardinal Cox - Old Scarlett's Book Of Impracticle Bats
This is what you'd call educational poetry! Well written verse on as diverse a list of subjects as you could think of, though with an underlying tenor of humanity. The notes are illuminating, too.

Cardinal Cox - A Change Of Zinery Special: The Night Land
A unique collection of poetry, inspired by some famous and some obscure characters in SF/F/H. Particularly liked the bite of 'Beware Tentacles & Wings'.

Cardinal Cox - Sowerberry Harvest
A collection of poems influenced by history - both personal and general. Cardinal's compassion can be seen throughout, in poetry which is mostly endearing, and, again, the notes are interesting. It's available for £1 and an SAE from the address below.
CARDINAL COX & THE FRIENDS OF BROADWAY CEMETERY, c/o 53 Huntley Grove, Peterborough, PE1 2QW.

Cardinal Cox - The Shaver Mysteries
This is a booklet of "Victorian-fantasy themed poetry" by the Cardinal, originally written for the 2003 They Came and Shaved Us convention in Dundalk, Ireland.
Very good it is, too, with the poetry written affectionately in a take on the formal Victorian style - though one that isn't so Victorian is my favourite - the haunting 'Mr. Poe And The Orang-Utang'. Cardinal Cox also shows an impressive knowledge of Victorian SF literature in his notes.
CARDINAL COX & SPROUTLORE, c/o 221 Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7, Ireland.

More info on Sproutlore here.

Cardinal Cox - Burn This Manifesto!
'Burn This Manifesto' is a surreal, joyful, and not so joyful, collection of poetry and prose playing with words. Seen a chaftit in your garden recently? Or an erotic lamp in the lounge? 'Dr. Freud Defines' is a fair summation of the great psychoanalysts obsession with sex, but which psychoanalyst isn't? Groovy illos. £1 & SAE from the address below.

Cardinal Cox - The Rock Show: The Devil's Own Music
Produced by Starburker Publications for Zombiecom, this is a collection of poetry cleverly incorporating famous lyrics with poems, which revolve around famous bluesmen like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters to their progeny, like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. A neat idea, even if Ozzy and Alice aren't my cup of tea. Dusty's 'Son Of A Preacher Man' gets in there, too! £1 & SAE from the address below.

Cardinal Cox - Memento Mori
A touching signing off for Cardinal Cox as Poet-in-Residence of Peterborough's Broadway Cemetery. Not all death, graveyards, and burials, though they feature heartily. There's a whimsical poem concerning bats, and famous Peterborough visitors also find a space. This booklet is available for £1.50 & C5 SAE from the address below (cheques payable to the Friends of Broadway Cemetery).
CARDINAL COX & THE FRIENDS OF BROADWAY CEMETERY, c/o 53 Huntley Grove, Peterborough, PE1 2QW.

Cardinal Cox - Between Peterborough And Pentecost
A collection of very funny and disturbing Surrealist poetry on subjects such as the Tour de France, Charles Darwin and Salvador Dali (naturally).

Cardinal Cox - One Night At The Brentford Burlesque
Unsettling burlesque, Surrealist poetry! A new genre?

Cardinal Cox - The Mysteries Of Nightmare Abbey
A mixture of dark and light whimsical poems. Enchanting to read, though don't get the idea it's a twee collection!

Cardinal Cox - Carrion Crimson
The thing I really like about the Cardinal's booklets is that he doesn't just give you poetry, but interesting notes as well. Here, we get some info on the Vinca people of Transylvania! The poetry's very vivid, notably 'Herlethingi', 'Aluka', 'Strange Orchids', 'Medicine Bird', and 'Watt=vAMP(ire)'. This booklet of Vampire-related poetry is to be given away at the World Horror Convention, which will be held in Brighton in March 2010.

Cardinal Cox - Rural Rhymes, Natural Rhythms
A pamphlet of poetry inspired by nature and John Clare, which also includes riddles. It's a collection which covers the majesty and brutality of nature.

Cardinal Cox - Cognition
Poetry inspired by a Steampunk art exhibition held at Oxford Museum of the History of Science, this is possibly the Cardinal's strangest collection. The time travelling poetry here could really start something. Entertaining.and bewildering at the same time.

Cardinal Cox - Codex Cthulhapalooza
This Cardinal pamphlet, influenced by American writer H.P. Lovecraft, is as interesting for the notes within, as it is its wistful and reflective poetry.

Cardinal Cox - Old New Unromantic
A poetry pamphlet to be given away at the October events organised by the John Clare Trust, based at John Clare's cottage in Helpston (The Cardinal won the John Clare's Trust poetry prize in 2009). 'Humble Statue' is the first poem in this collection, and is arguably the Cardinal's finest work. I think we can all identify with being ground down, at one time or other, by life. 'Rhyme Scheme Evidence' has an unexpectedly touching twist at the end, and the Cardinal surpasses himself with the notes in this collection.

Cardinal Cox - Black Sands/White Rock
A small collection full of fun, 'Black Sands/White Rock' reveals what has inspired Cardinal Cox over the years. Most enjoyable is a poem about centaurs and 'Stick Out Your Thumb'. A poetry collection to be given away at Northampton's NewCon 5 convention.

Cardinal Cox - Never Mind the Ballads, Here's a Blast of Broadsides!
Looking back 300 years from when the Sex Pistols scared the nation to a time of genuine social upheaval in 1676 and the 17th Century generally. Written in a deliberately archaic style, the poetry skilfully takes us back in time. The Cardinal rips into Guy Fawkes and Oliver Cromwell, but lionizes Captain Pouch, whose green cheese secret was kept in his immortal pouch.

Cardinal Cox - Codex Dagon
Another Lovecraftian inspired booklet - which is being given away at Reading's Weird Winter. This small collection of imagery rich poetry and prose contains more fascinating notes.

Cardinal Cox - The Rock Show 2: The Music of the Spheres and Other Earthy Verse
A very unique array of poems, inspired by music of all shades. Poetry reflecting the indulgent but fabulous glam rock to the minimalist glory of punk. Send a C5 SAE to the address below, to see if any copies are still available.

Cardinal Cox - Cabaret of Curiosities
The Cardinal's most raunchy collection, though 'Black Milk' is a startling, dismissive poem aimed at Fascists. Send a C5 SAE to the address below, to see if any copies are still available.

CARDINAL COX, 58 Pennington, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5RB.

Cardinal Cox - Surrealist Muses
This reminds me of a book I bought when I was 21 - 'English and American Surrealist Poetry'. It's best to read this type of poetry, and let the words wash over you, rather than analyzing it to death. From 'Doratherpsichorea': "Birds sometimes reveal their dinosaur heritage as they sometimes show their angelic destiny."

Cardinal Cox - Lundone
Cardinal Cox's third Steampunk collection. The collision of unexpected imagery is always one of the more notable aspects of the Cardinal's poetry.

Cardinal Cox - Codex Ulthar
Cardinal Cox's third Lovecraft influenced pamphlet.
The Cardinal's esoteric work celebrates magical lands and ancient beliefs in an intriguing way.

Cardinal Cox - When Three Sevens Clash
A humanitarian and poetic look at 1777, when, just as today, the world was going through profound turmoil. What really stands out is the Cardinal's searing description of slavery and persecution. The Cardinal also brings home how many of the rich men and women of today are still profiting from the cruel deeds of their ancestors. Send a C5 SAE to the address below, to see if any copies are still available.
CARDINAL COX, 58 Pennington, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5RB.

Cardinal Cox - Rocket to Ruritania
The fourth of Cardinal Cox's Steampunk collections.

Cardinal Cox - Codex Nodens
Poetry and prose inspired by Arthur Machen.

Cardinal Cox - Codex L'ng
Lovecraftian influenced booklet no. 5 from the Cardinal. A collection of 9 short poems, that include magical and mystical imagery. The notes are amazing. There seems too much knowledge in the Cardinal's head for his own good. Brains can explode...Send a C5 SAE to the address below, to see if any copies are still available.
CARDINAL COX, 58 Pennington, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5RB.

Cardinal Cox - Poetry, so far
An initial pamphlet of poetry written by the Cardinal as Poet-in-Residence at St. John the Baptist Church, Peterborough. Bearing in mind who's he's writing for, this is a more 'safe' collection of poetry than we're used to seeing from CC, including a poem written with the 2012 queen's jubilee in mind.

Cardinal Cox - A Gaslit Romance
Industrialisation meets the occult in this intriguing poetry collection, which is enhanced more than usual by the Cardinal's notes.

- Paul Rance/

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