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THE PSYCH-O-BOMBS - Lo-Fi Super Deluxe
Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Write Dope on Pnuk part 76

Peterborough’s ’Sixties garage resurrectors are back with a second album length collection. Again they’ve been raiding the Nuggets compilation to bring a mix of rare tracks back to life, plus a few better know numbers. The more familiar include Pink Floyd’s Lucifer Sam, The Doors’ Take it as it Comes and Love’s 7 and 7 is.

Amongst the others notable points are The Shape of Things to Come (from the film Wild in the Streets– a ’Sixties movie that included Richard Pryor in its’ cast about youth taking over America and ends with the pre-teens plotting revolt) and a Buffy Sainte-Marie penned track Codine. Fairly sure I had previously heard Magic Potion on a Mojo cover-mounted cd.

Decades ago members of this band had been in local punk group The Monks of Science, in this line-up they go back to punk’s ’Sixties garage roots, exploring the psychedelica that The Damned covered as Naz Naz and the Nomads or XTC echoed as The Dukes of Stratosfear.

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