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Destructors 666
Rowdy Farrago Records RFA01
Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Write Dope on Pnuk part 42

With only one member from early-'80s band The Destructors, please don't expect a pure rehash of the old act. Yes, there are three old Destructors songs, and even one ('Northern Ripper') from their precursor The Blanks, but I supect that that has a two-fold purpose: A) To appeal to old-time fans; B) To try and sell the recent releases to new fans.

Amongst the 15 real tracks on this CD, seven have come from previous singles (also on Rowdy Farrago). If you've not got them, you get the best stuff here. One more track is a cover of an Iggy & The Stooges song.

Of the original numbers on this CD, you get songs like 'Baby Heart Attack' and 'I've Been Watching The New York Dolls' that hark right back to the pub rock roots of punk. Then there's 'Voice From Beyond The Grave', a tale of Victorian weirdness.

The original Destructors were justifiably famous for three things. First, the quality of Allen's lyrics. Second, the blistering guitar work from Gizz Butt. Third, really rather rubbish drumming. The new incarnation shows that Allen's writing hasn't lost anything. Plus, here, the whole band are of a higher average. Guitars aren't the same as Gizz, they're not trying to be, and the drumming's a lot better. Though, unfortunately for this band, but not for the drummer, his other group (The 925s), where he's actually the vocalist, have just secured a European deal. So good luck to Lee, go and do great things.

Now, I've known Allen Adams for about twenty-five years, and I have to admit I agree with him on very little. With Rowdy Farrago Records he does appear to be doing something very worthwhile. The singles have been split between Destructors 666 and sundry local bands. They go out gigging, selling the CDs, and younger ears get to hear D666. Old-time fans order them for Allen's band and get to hear new stuff in return. All very Mutual Aid.

The subtitle for this album is 'Transition', and so it is, with one foot in the previous era and one in the present. I hope that follow-ups take the next pace and leave behind the covers of old material. The band doesn't need them.


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