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Directed and Co-Scripted by George Clooney
Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Good Night And Good Luck DVD
Good Night And Good Luck (DVD)
Good Night, and Good Luck [Blu-ray]

Good Night And Good Luck (DVD)
Good Night And Good Luck [Blu-ray]

Write Dope on Pnuk part 16 

George Clooney, actor for a 'Killer Tomato' movie and some TV hospital drama, here directs his second film. The first, 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind' (unfortunately without Robin Asquith), was about a TV star who later claimed to be an assassin for the CIA. In this movie, also related to TV, he focuses on Fifties American news presenter Edward R. Murrow, who took on Joseph McCarthy over his techniques. This, of course, led Murrow to be accused of being a Communist himself (and, well yes, we had better admit that the KGB did want to infiltrate the American Government, etc.).

What really strikes about ths black and white movie is how much people smoked in the Fifties. Ed Murrow smokes while presenting his show. Another world indeed.

Interesting film about censorship and freedom, by an ex-TV star who's turning into quite a subversive. 


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