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By Terry Rawlings
Helter Skelter Publishing 2003 £14.99 (but I picked it up for 99p in Virgin)
Reviewed by Cardinal Cox


Harmony In My Head
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The Buzzcocks CDs

Write Dope on Pnuk part 8 

The Buzzcocks were the second band I ever saw, the first being the support act Libido, who, with their female singer, have fallen off the pages of musical history. My older brother Steve gave me 'Another Music in a Different Kitchen', which fascinated me because of the colour combination on the sleeve. Orange on silver is actually hard to read. While I bought a second-hand copy of 'Spiral Scratch', I inherited many of the other singles. A pleasure then to read this inside account of the posterboys of pop-punk.

Diggle was a mod, growing up on rough estates, going through small bands before the birth of The Buzzcocks and their support slot for The Sex Pistols at a gig they helped organise in Manchester. This led on to one of the most commercially successful acts of the era, with a string of top 20 hits. Rhyming with success we get excess, and Diggle embraced this part of the rock lifestyle with gusto. Drugs and obliging fans are encountered and recounted.

Then there's the inevitable falling out over 'musical differences'. Then the equally inevitable reformations and comeback tours (one supporting Nirvana on their last tour).

Feet of clay, maybe, but all the finest ceramics start as clay, too.


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