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Write Dope on Pnuk part 36

Hawkwind (and I make no apologies for them being one of my many favourite bands) passed through many phases. For two periods they were seen as actively embodying the counter-culture. The first of these was the early seventies when they represented part of the squat scene. Then in the mid eighties it was the traveller/free festival scene that embraced them.

This free CD is a compilation of acts with various associations with Hawkwind. Most obviously, Bob Calvert and Nik Turner (together on one track, Turner solo on four more – recorded in the King Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza) who were both members. As was Steve Swindells who is on one of the Earth Lab tracks. Two more tracks come from Turner’s old band (here without him) Inner City Unit. Other acts, including The Uprising, Temple Zone and The Elasticated Waist Band, are so in the spirit of Hawkwind as to be right for the collection.

This practically eighty-minute, seventeen track compilation has been put together by Hawkfrendz, one of a number of, well, not fan clubs, but believers in the spirit of Hawkwind, even when some members seem to forget it. The band is bigger than just its members and songs, it is as much the people (like in this case Trevor Hughes) who put so much into it. Contact him for information on what else he is doing, it is bound to be interesting.

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