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'Boon' was a popular ITV drama based in Birmingham, then Nottingham, starring Michael Elphick as Ken Boon, an ex firemen turned private detective, courier and minder!

David Daker also starred as Ken's old friend Harry Crawford - from his days in the fire service, and Neil Morrissey, in his first major TV role, played the daffy Rocky.

Beginning in 1986, there were seven series in all, all of thirteen episodes, with a final special in 1993. The very popular theme song, 'Hi Ho Silver', written and sung by Jim Diamond, reached number 5 in the UK Singles Chart in 1986.

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Boon - Series 1 [1986]

Boon Main Cast List

Michael Elphick as Ken Boon
David Daker as Harry Crawford
Neil Morrissey as Rocky Cassidy
Elizabeth Carling as Laura Marsh
Amanda Burton as Margaret Daly
Saskia Wickham as Alex Wilton
Rachel Davies as Doreen Evans
Joan Scott as Ethel Allard
Lesley-Anne Sharpe as Debbie Yates
Brigit Forsyth as Helen Yeldham
Teddie Thompson as Linda
Gordon Warnecke as Hanif Kurtha
Mark Benton as Charlie Hardiman
Oliver Smith as Smudger, landlord of 'The Drum'
Barbara Durkin as Glynis
Aaron Shirley as Lennie
Benny Young as DS Ted Hatchard
Emma Davies as Jo Daly
Denzil Pugh as Stanley, Porter
Bill Gavin as Nick
Tony Caunter as Bertie
James Leslau as Hopalong
Jamie Roberts as DC Archie Pelham
Dave Roberts as Devro's DC
Dave Atkins as Ben Gibbs
Lloyd McGuire as John Edwards
Alan Granton as Bartender

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