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Created by Jimmy McGovern, 'Cracker' starred Robbie Coltrane as criminal psychologist (i.e. a 'cracker') Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald.

An accomplished ITV drama set in Manchester, 'Cracker' originally ran from 1993 to 1995, but was revived in 2006, with Coltrane reprising his role.

Also appearing in the series were Barbara Flynn as Fitz's wife Judith, Christopher Eccleston as Detective Chief Inspector David Bilborough, Geraldine Somerville as Detective Sergeant Jane 'Panhandle' Penhaligon, Lorcan Cranitch as DS Jimmy Beck, Ricky Tomlinson as DCI Charlie Wise, and Kieran O'Brien as Fitz's son Mark.

One of the most memorable episodes of 'Cracker', and indeed any drama shown on British TV, featured an outstanding performance by Robert Carlyle as a man turned insane by the Hillsborough tragedy. That episode, 'To Be A Somebody', was a high watermark for British TV drama.

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Cracker Episode List and Transmission Details

1-1 The Mad Woman In The Attic
27 September to 4 October 1993
1-2 To Say I Love You
11 October to 25 October 1993
1-3 One Day A Lemming Will Fly
1 November to 8 November 1993
2-1 To Be A Somebody
10 October to 24 October 1994
2-2 The Big Crunch
31 October to 14 November 1994
2-3 Men Should Weep
21 November to 5 December 1994
3-1 Brotherly Love
22 October to 29 October 1995
3-2 Best Boys
6 November to 13 November 1995
3-3 True Romance
20 November to 27 November 1995
Special Episode White Ghost
28 October 1996
Special Episode Nine Eleven
1 October 2006

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