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EastEnders is a BBC soap opera which began in 1985 and quickly gained huge audience figures. It was often getting more viewers than even Coronation Street.

Set in the East End of London, EastEnders has tended to be more bleak than other soaps, and is notable for having particularly strong women characters.

Many characters have left EastEnders only to return, with bad boy Nick Cotton being an obvious example. He returned to the soap once more in 2014 - notably not in urgent need of a meal or two...

EastEnders stars have regularly been part of the BBC's annual fundraising event for children - Children in Need. In a 2014 sketch Ian Beale was visited by ghosts from his past, including his dead mother and dead daughter Lucy.

- Paul Rance/

EastEnders Main Cast List (actors/actresses who have appeared in 1,000 episodes or more - as of April 26th, 2014)

Steve McFadden as Phil (2,425 episodes, 1990-2014)
Adam Woodyatt as Ian (2,389 episodes, 1985-2014)
Pam St. Clement as Pat (1,818 episodes, 1986-2012)
June Brown as Dot (1,656 episodes, 1985-2014)
Barbara Windsor as Peggy (1,551 episodes, 1994-2013)

Wendy Richard as Pauline (1,536 episodes, 1985-2010)
Perry Fenwick as Billy (1,295 episodes, 1998-2014)
Sid Owen as Ricky (1,210 episodes, 1988-2012)
Letitia Dean as Sharon (1,185 episodes, 1985-2014)
Patsy Palmer as Bianca (1,102 episodes, 1993-2014)
Todd Carty as Mark (1,081 episodes, 1990-2003)
Jessie Wallace as Kat (1,023 episodes, 2000-2014)
Natalie Cassidy as Sonia (1,009 episodes, 1993-2014)

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