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The BBC drama series 'Gangsters' had a mix of the very dark, but also had a lot of funny moments, and was one of the more curious TV series of the 1970s.

Created by Philip Martin, there were two series of 'Gangsters' - which were aired in 1976 and 1978, and it was notable for it being one of the first British TV dramas to have a truly multi-ethnic cast, and covered gangsters from different communities. Lead actors Maurice Colbourne and Ahmed Khalil were particularly charismatic.

- Paul Rance/

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~ Maurice Colbourne, Ahmed Khalil

Gangsters Main Cast List

Maurice Colbourne as John Kline
Ahmed Khalil as Khan
Elizabeth Cassidy as Anne Darracott
Alibe Parsons as Sarah Gant
Saeed Jaffrey as Aslam Rafiq
Paul Satvendar as Kuldip
Paul Barber as Malleson
Emily Bolton as Mangit
Rolf Day as Comedian
Oscar James as Malleson's bodyguard
Oswald Lindsay as Malleson's bodyguard
Tariq Yunus as Jashir Singh Mahail
Chai Lee as Lily Li Tang
Paul Antrim as Dermot Mcavoy
Terry Downes as Roy Studd
Kristopher Kum as Mr. Yang
John Main as Dermot's bodyguard
Ashi Arora as Jashir's daughter
Bela Arora as Jashir's daughter
Robert Lee as Shen Tang
Zia Mohyeddin as Iqbal Khan
Denis Chin as Triad member
Doña Croll as Maxine
Chua Kahjoo as Red Stick
Philip Martin as White Devil
Christopher Benjamin as Assistant managing director
Earlene Bentley as Singer
Ethel Coley as Singer
Marie Dali as Stripper
Peter Fontaine as Blackbird Run Pilot
Chris Gannon as IRA Unit Commander
Talat Hussain as Detox Doctor
Alyy Khan as Comedian
Mikel Lambert as Norah
Pat Roach as IRA Muscle
Robert Stephens as Sir George Jeavons
Terry Taplin as IRA Gunman
Joanne White as Singer
Tony Then as Triad member
Eric Young as Double Petal 

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