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John Thaw starred as grumpy but erudite Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse, in what was an internationally successful series for ITV. Made by Carlton, 'Inspector Morse' ran from 1987 to 2000.

Based on the novels of British author Colin Dexter, 'Inspector Morse' was set in Oxford, with Kevin Whately as Morse's likeable partner Detective Sergeant Lewis.

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Inspector Morse Main Cast List

John Thaw as Chief Inspector Morse
Kevin Whately as Detective Sergeant Lewis
Colin Dexter as College Porter
James Grout as Chief Superintendent Strange
Peter Woodthorpe as Max - Pathologist
Clare Holman as Dr. Laura Hobson
Liz Kettle as WPC
Amanda Hillwood as Dr. Grayling Russell - Pathologist
Maureen Bennett as Val Lewis
David Baukham as Desk Sergeant

Inspector Morse Episode List

1st Series, 1987:
1. The Dead Of Jericho
2. The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn
3. Service Of All The Dead
2nd Series, 1988:
4. The Wolvercote Tongue
5. Last Seen Wearing
6. The Settling Of The Sun
7. Last Bus To Woodstock
3rd Series, 1989:
8. Ghost In The Machine
9. The Last Enemy
10. Deceived By Flight
11. The Secret Of Bay 5B
4th Series, 1990:
12. Infernal Serpent
13. The Sins Of The Fathers
14. Driven To Distraction
15. Masonic Mysteries
5th Series, 1991:
16. Second Time Around
17. Fat Chance
18. Who Killed Harry Field?
19. Greeks Bearing Gifts
20. Promised Land, also known as Inspector Morse In Australia
6th Series, 1992:
21. Dead On Time
22. Happy Families
23. The Death Of The Self
24. Absolute Conviction
25. Cherubim And Seraphim
7th Series, 1993:
26. Deadly Slumber
27. The Day Of The Devil
28. Twilight Of The Gods
Specials, 1995–2000:
29. The Way Through The Woods
30. The Daughters Of Cain
31. Death Is Now My Neighbour
32. The Wench Is Dead
33. The Remorseful Day

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