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'Minder' was a very popular ITV comedy drama, which started in 1979, and ended in 1994, with 108 episodes being shown in all.

George Cole played one of the great TV characters in shifty wheeler dealer Arthur Daley, with Dennis Waterman as his likeable but gullible tough guy sidekick Terry McCann.

- Paul Rance/

Minder Main Cast List

George Cole as Arthur Daley
Glynn Edwards as Dave Harris
Dennis Waterman as Terry McCann
Gary Webster as Ray Daley
Patrick Malahide as Detective Sergeant Albert 'Charlie' Chisholm
Michael Povey as DC 'Taff' Jones
Nicholas Day as DS Morley
Peter Childs as Detective Sergeant Ronald 'Kenny' Rycott
Sydney Livingstone as Bert
Stephen Tompkinson as DC Park
Michael Troughton as DC Melish
Jonty Stephens as DC Field
Emma Cunningham as Gloria
Lill Roughley as Doreen
George Layton as Des
Diana Malin as Debbie Mitchell
Mark Farmer as Justin James
Gennie Nevinson as Penny
Ray Winstone as Arnie
Royce Mills as Andrew
Garfield Morgan as Supt. Mason
Rula Lenska as Kate
Tony Selby as Jack
James Marcus as Bertie
Johnny Shannon as George
Jonathan Kydd as Ernie
Paul Cooper as Ron
April Walker as Bank Teller
Kenneth Cope as Albert Stubbs
Dimitri Andreas as Artemis
David Jackson as Big Stan
Linal Haft as Brian Gamage
George Sweeney as Alfie
Desmond McNamara as Gossip
Barry McCarthy as George
Frank Mills as Len
David Sibley as CID Officer
Harry Fielder as Policeman
Pat Gorman as Charlie
Lee Richards as Barmaid

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