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Trevor Eve starred as Eddie Shoestring - the unconventional private detective with the unconventional name - in this fondly remembered BBC series, which was set in Bristol.

Shoestring has his own radio show on fictional radio station Radio West, which he uses for his own detective purposes.

- Paul Rance/

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Shoestring Main Cast List

Trevor Eve as Eddie Shoestring
Michael Medwin as Don Satchley
Doran Godwin as Erica Bayliss
Liz Crowther as Sonia

Shoestring Episode List & Guest Stars List

Series 1
(BBC1, September 30th to June 4th, 1979)
1 Private Ear William Russell, Stacy Dorning, Kenneth Gilbert, Sean Arnold
2 Knock For Knock Dominic Guard, Shirley Anne Field
3 Higher Ground Glyn Houston, Anna Cropper
4 An Uncertain Circle John Hartley, Anna Nygh
5 Listen To Me Roger Sloman, Sandy Ratcliff, Brian Croucher, Tony Caunter, Patrick Malahide
6 Nine Tenths Of The Law Harry H. Corbett, Nell Campbell, Geraldine James
7 The Link-Up Janet Key, John Gregg, John Woodnutt, Sylvia Coleridge
8 Stamp Duty David Ashton, Diana Davies
9 Find The Lady Christopher Biggins, Toyah Willcox, Diana Weston, Gary Holton, Peter Dean, Lynda Bellingham, Brian Capron
10 The Partnership Michelle Newell, Kevin Whately
11 I’m A Believer Claire Walker, Jeananne Crowley, Preston Lockwood

Series 2
(BBC1, October 5th to December 21st, 1980)
1 Room With A View Michael Culver, Madoline Thomas, Bridget Brice, Oscar James, Christopher Benjamin
2 The Teddy Bears’ Nightmare Dave King, Charlotte Cornwell
3 Mocking Bird Frederick Jaeger, John J. Carney, David Sibley
4 The Mayfly Dance Michael Gothard, Michael Craig, Ann Bell, Lance Percival
5 The Farmer Had A Wife Ronald Hines, Gary Watson, Pam St. Clement
6 Utmost Good Faith Michael O’Hagan, Derek Martin
7 Looking For Mr. Wright Diana Dors, Caroline Blakiston, Avril Elgar
8 Another Man’s Castle John Forgeham, Dean Harris
9 Where Was I? Philip Bond, Colin Jeavons, Ralph Arliss
10 The Dangerous Game Michael Elphick, Celia Imrie, Maurice Colbourne, Burt Kwouk

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