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Co-written by Craig Cash (who also directed) and Phil Mealey, 'Sunshine' was one of the most impressive new TV dramas of 2008.

Steve Coogan stars as gambling addict Bob 'Bing' Crosby, who is in such a mess he even steals his son's pocket money to have a flutter. Bernard Hill plays Bing's exasperated dad George, and it's no surprise that Bing struggles to keep both his marriage to wife Bernadette (Lisa Millett) together, and his job as a dustman.

Coogan and Hill are impressive in some powerful, moving scenes, and Dominic Senior, who plays Bing's philosophical son Joe, shows an acting maturity beyond his years. There are a lot of comic moments, too, notably Bing's job interviews, though it would be stretching things to call 'Sunshine' a comedy drama.

First aired on BBC1, on October 7th, this was a drama on a human level which pretty much everyone could relate to.

- Paul Rance/

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Sunshine [2008]
~ Steve Coogan, Bernard Hill

Sunshine Main Cast List

Steve Coogan as Bob 'Bing' Crosby
Bernard Hill as George Crosby
Dominic Senior as Joe Crosby
Lisa Millett as Bernadette
Craig Cash as Bob
Phil Mealey as Andy
Dan Ryan as Greg
Tony Mooney as Bulldog
Stephen Marcus as Big Alan

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