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'The Forsyte Saga' was an epic BBC series from 1967. A great cast included Eric Porter, Nyree Dawn Porter, Kenneth More, and Susan Hampshire. There were 26 episodes in all, and there was a 2002 remake of the series on ITV.

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The Forsyte Saga (1967) Main Cast List

Eric Porter as Soames Forsyte
Margaret Tyzack as Winifred Dartie
Nyree Dawn Porter as Irene Forsyte née Heron
June Barry as June Forsyte
Kenneth More as 'Young Jolyon' Forsyte
Susan Hampshire as Fleur Mont née Forsyte
Maggie Jones as Smither
Nicholas Pennell as Michael Mont
John Welsh as James Forsyte
John Barcroft as George Forsyte
Suzanne Neve as Holly Dartie née Forsyte
Cyril Luckham as Sir Lawrence Mont
Nora Nicholson as Aunt Juley Forsyte
Fanny Rowe as Emily Forsyte
Julia White as Coaker
Terence Alexander as Montague Dartie
Lana Morris as Helene Hillmer
Kynaston Reeves as Nicholas Forsyte
Nora Swinburne as 'Aunt Hester' Forsyte
Jonathan Burn as Val Dartie
Martin Jarvis as Jolyon 'Jon' Forsyte
Joseph O'Conor as 'Old Jolyon' Forsyte
Mischa De La Motte as Warmson
Anne De Vigier as Imogen Cardigan née Dartie
Clifford Parrish as Gradman
Dalia Penn as Annette Forsyte née Lamotte
George Woodbridge as Swithin Forsyte
A.J. Brown as Roger Forsyte
Fay Compton as 'Aunt Ann' Forsyte
Hugo Keith-Johnston as Aubrey Greene
Bridget Turner as Plunket
Bart Allison as Parfitt
John Baskcomb as Timothy Forsyte
John Bennett as Philip Bosinney
Olwen Brookes as Bilson
Brenda Cowling as Mrs Perren
Sarah Harter as Francie Forsyte
Terry Scully as Bicket
Geraldine Sherman as Victorine Bicket
Richard Armour as Jack Cardigan
Christopher Benjamin as Prosper Profond
Ian Fleming as Lord Fontenoy
Derek Francis as Elderson
Donald Gee as Butterfield
Ursula Howells as Frances Forsyte
Jenny Laird as Mrs Heron
Henry B. Longhurst as Mothergill
Garry Marsh as Doctor Dewar
Robin Phillips as Wilfred Desert
Ellen Pollock as Madame Lamotte
Campbell Singer as Lomax
Raymond Clarke as Dr. Fryer
Deddie Davies as Millie
Geoffrey Denton as Sharman
Petricia Leventon as Trudi
Pauline Loring as Mrs Blanch
Michael Mulcaster as Meyrick
Susan Pennick as June Forsyte
Maurice Quick as Meyricks
Derek Smith as Polteed (Private Investigator)
Jackie Smith as Holly Forsyte
Michael York as Jolyon 'Jolly' Forsyte
Cicely Paget-Bowman as Hatty

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