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David Hemmings (1941-2003)


David Hemmings was one of the big three of young, British male film stars in the mid-'60s, along with Terence Stamp and Michael Caine.

Hemmings first made a name for himself as a boy soprano, appearing in works by the legendary British composer Benjamin Britten.

He became a big name when he starred in Antonioni's daring 1966 film 'Blow Up', playing a character loosely based on photographer David Bailey, and later in 'Camelot (1967)', 'Barbarella (1968)', 'The Charge Of The Light Brigade (1968)', and as the impressive lead in 'Alfred The Great (1969)'.

Turning more to directing and producing, Hemmings directed episodes on very high profile American shows such as 'Murder, She Wrote', 'Quantum Leap', 'The A-Team', 'Magnum', 'Airwolf', and more.

His acting career was having a renaissance late in his life, and he appeared in recent films such as 'Gladiator (2000)' and 'The Gangs of New York (2002)'.

He died of a heart attack, on the set of the movie, 'Samantha's Child', on the 3rd of December 2003.

- Paul Rance/

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David Hemmings Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

Romantik (2007)
Blessed (2004)
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
The Night We Called It A Day (2003)
Gangs Of New York (2002)
Equilibrium (2002)
Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice (2002) (V)
Mean Machine (2001)
Spy Game (2001)
Last Orders (2001)
Gladiator (2000)
The Rainbow (1989)
Man, Woman And Child (1983)
Sekai meisaku dowa: Hakucho no mizûmi (voice) (1981)
Prisoners (1981)
Harlequin (1980)
Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1980)
Thirst (1979)
Murder By Decree (1979)
Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo (1978)
Power Play (1978)
Liens de sang, Les (1978)
The Squeeze (1977)
The Disappearance (1977)
Crossed Swords/The Prince And The Pauper (1977)
Islands In The Stream (1977)
Via della droga, La (1977)
Squadra antitruffa (1977)
The Old Curiosity Shop (1975)
Profondo rosso (1975)
Juggernaut (1974)
No es nada, mamá, sólo un juego (1974)
Voices (1973)
The Love Machine (1971)
Unman, Wittering And Zigo (1971)
Fragment Of Fear (1970)
The Walking Stick (1970)
Simon Simon (1970)
Alfred The Great (1969)
The Best House In London (1969)
Barbarella (1968)
Only When I Larf (1968)
The Long Day's Dying (1968)
The Charge Of The Light Brigade (1968)
Camelot (1967)
Blowup (1966)
Eye Of The Devil (1966)
Be My Guest (1965)
The System (1964)
Two Left Feet (1963)
Live It Up! (1963)
Some People (1962)
The Painted Smile (1962)
Play It Cool (1962)
The Wind Of Change (1961)
In The Wake Of A Stranger (1959)
Men Of Tomorrow (1959)
No Trees In The Street (1959)
The Heart Within (1957)
Five Clues To Fortune (1957)
The Rainbow Jacket (1954)







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