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Film Stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood
By Paul Rance


Lauren Bacall (1924-2014)

The distinctively attractive Lauren Bacall seemed more worldly-wise in her films than she really was. Born with the real name of Betty Joan Perske, Lauren Bacall made her name in 'To Have And Have Not (1944)', when she starred opposite Humphrey Bogart and famously gave him some whistling tuition. Lauren married Bogie shortly afterwards. She went on to put her marriage above her career, but still appeared in the big hitters 'The Big Sleep (1946)' and 'How To Marry A Millionaire (1953)'. When Bogart died of cancer in 1957, Lauren's career saw her continue to win acclaim, winning a Tony award for both 'Applause' - a stage musical adaptation of 'All About Eve (1950)' - and 'Woman Of The Year', in 1970 and 1981 respectively, and plaudits for her performance in Agatha Christie's 'Murder On The Orient Express (1979)'.

Lauren Bacall died on August 12th, 2014, after a massive stroke at her home in the famous Dakota apartment building in New York City. She had been born in the same city nearly 90 years earlier, on September 16th, 1924. Lauren had been a one-time neighbour of former Beatle John Lennon, and she actually heard him being shot, when he was murdered in 1980. Lauren said of Lennon on the Larry King show in 2005: "I liked him a lot."

Always good value on chat shows, Lauren Bacall received an honorary Oscar in 2009, and also received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her performance in 'The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)'. Lauren's relationship with Bogart was arguably the most famous in Hollywood history, and they were married for 12 years. 

Lauren Bacall Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

Eve (2008/IV)
The Walker (2007)
These Foolish Things (2006)
Manderlay (2005)
Birth (2004)
Hauru no ugoku shiro (voice) (2004)
Dogville (2003)
The Limit (2003)
Presence Of Mind (1999)
The Venice Project (1999)
Diamonds (1999)
Madeline: Lost In Paris (voice) (1999)
Jour et la nuit, Le (1997)
My Fellow Americans (1996)
The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)
Prêt-à-Porter (1994)
A Foreign Field (1993)
All I Want For Christmas (1991)
A Star For Two (1991)
Misery (1990)
The Real Story Of The Three Little Kittens (voice) (1990)
Tree Of Hands (1989)
Mr. North (1988)
Appointment With Death (1988)
The Fan (1981)
Health (1980)
The Shootist (1976)
Murder On The Orient Express (1974)
Harper (1966)
Sex And The Single Girl (1964)
Shock Treatment (1964)
North West Frontier (1959)
The Gift Of Love (1958)
Written On The Wind (1956)
Blood Alley (1955)
The Cobweb (1955)
Woman's World (1954/I)
How To Marry A Millionaire (1953)
Bright Leaf (1950)
Young Man With A Horn (1950)
Key Largo (1948)
Dark Passage (1947)
The Big Sleep (1946)
Confidential Agent (1945)
To Have And Have Not (1944)

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Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982)

Ingrid Bergman followed her fellow Swede, Greta Garbo, to Hollywood in the late 1930s, and became one of its leading stars. The 1940s saw her in two Alfred Hitchcock classics, 'Spellbound (1945)' and 'Notorious (1946)', and starring in her most famous film, and possibly the most famous film in cinema history, 'Casablanca (1942)', opposite Humphrey Bogart. Ingrid won two Oscars as Best Actress - for 'Gaslight (1944)' in 1944, and for 'Anastasia (1956)' in 1956.

Casablanca Film Review

Ingrid Bergman Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

Höstsonaten (1978)
A Matter Of Time (1976)
Murder On The Orient Express (1974)
From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (1973)
A Walk In The Spring Rain (1970)
Cactus Flower (1969)
Stimulantia (1967)
The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964)
The Visit (1964)
Goodbye Again (1961)
The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness (1958)
Indiscreet (1958)
Anastasia (1956)
Elena et les hommes (1956)
Giovanna d'Arco al rogo (1954)
La paura (1954)
Viaggio in Italia (1954)
Europa '51 (1952)
Stromboli (1950)
Under Capricorn (1949)
Joan Of Arc (1948)
Arch Of Triumph (1948)
Notorious (1946)
American Creed (1946)
The Bells Of St. Mary's (1945)
Saratoga Trunk (1945)
Spellbound (1945)
Gaslight (1944)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)
Casablanca (1942)
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1941)
Rage In Heaven (1941)
Adam Had Four Sons (1941)
Juninatten (1940)
Intermezzo: A Love Story (1939)
En enda natt (1939)
En kvinnas ansikte (1938)
Die vier Gesellen (1938)
Dollar (1938)
Intermezzo (1936/I)
På solsidan (1936)
Valborgsmässoafton (1935)
Swedenhielms (1935)
Bränningar (1935)
Munkbrogreven (1935)

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Gary Cooper (1901-1961)

American acting legend Gary Cooper was the strong, silent type. He was a gifted artist, but ambitions in that field didn't work out, and he chose to go into movies. He began as an extra and stuntman, and quickly gained recognition in silent movies. The young Cooper, unlike a lot of other actors, made a seamless transition from the era of silent movies to the talkies. He went on to have one of the greatest careers in Hollywood history, winning two Best Actor Oscars - in 1941 for his role as Alvin Cullum York in 'Sergeant York (1941)', and in 1952 for probably the most revered of all Westerns, when playing Marshal Will Kane in 'High Noon (1952)'. He also won a special Academy Award in 1961.

Gary Cooper Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

The Naked Edge (1961)
The Wreck Of The Mary Deare (1959)
They Came To Cordura (1959)
The Hanging Tree (1959)
Man Of The West (1958)
Ten North Frederick (1958)
Love In The Afternoon (1957)
Friendly Persuasion (1956)
The Court-Martial Of Billy Mitchell (1955)
Vera Cruz (1954)
Garden Of Evil (1954)
Blowing Wild (1953)
Return To Paradise (1953)
Springfield Rifle (1952)
High Noon (1952)
Distant Drums (1951)
It's A Big Country (1951)
You're In The Navy Now (1951)
Dallas (1950)
Bright Leaf (1950)
Task Force (1949)
The Fountainhead (1949)
Snow Carnival (voice/narrator) (1949)
Good Sam (1948)
Unconquered (1947)
Cloak And Dagger (1946)
Saratoga Trunk (1945)
Along Came Jones (1945)
Casanova Brown (1944)
The Story Of Dr. Wassell (1944)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)
The Pride Of The Yankees (1942)
Ball Of Fire (1941)
Sergeant York (1941)
Meet John Doe (1941)
North West Mounted Police (1940)
The Westerner (1940)
The Real Glory (1939)
Beau Geste (1939)
The Cowboy And The Lady (1938)
The Adventures Of Marco Polo (1938)
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938)
Souls At Sea (1937)
Lest We Forget (1937)
The Plainsman (1936)
The General Died At Dawn (1936)
Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (1936)
Desire (1936)
Peter Ibbetson (1935)
The Wedding Night (1935)
The Lives Of A Bengal Lancer (1935)
Now And Forever (1934)
Operator 13 (1934)
Design For Living (1933)
Alice In Wonderland (1933)
One Sunday Afternoon (1933)
Today We Live (1933)
A Farewell To Arms (1932)
If I Had A Million (1932)
Devil And The Deep (1932)
His Woman (1931)
I Take This Woman (1931)
City Streets (1931)
The Slippery Pearls (1931)
Fighting Caravans (1931)
Morocco (1930)
The Spoilers (1930)
A Man From Wyoming (1930)
The Texan (1930)
Paramount On Parade (1930)
Only The Brave (1930)
Seven Days' Leave (1930)
The Virginian (1929)
Betrayal (1929)
The Wolf Song (1929)
The Shopworn Angel (1928)
The First Kiss (1928)
Lilac Time (1928)
The Legion Of The Condemned (1928)
Red Hair (1928)
Doomsday (1928)
Beau Sabreur (1928)
Half A Bride (1928)
Nevada (1927)
Wings (1927)
The Last Outlaw (1927)
Children Of Divorce (1927)
Arizona Bound (1927)
The Winning Of Barbara Worth (1926)
Lightnin' Wins (1926)

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Boris Karloff (1887-1969)

Born William Henry Pratt in London, on the 23rd November 1887, the young Karloff emigrated to Canada in 1909. It was here that he began his acting career with a touring company.

In 1918 he went to Hollywood, where he appeared in a few films as an extra and later in bit parts, especially as a villain - naturally enough.

Playing Frankenstein in 1931 was Karloff's big breakthrough. He didn't wear a mask, so his facial movements and expressions would look more real, and the expertise of Universal's make-up people, particularly Jack Pierce, turned this kind, cricket-loving Englishman into the scariest thing probably ever seen in movies up to that point. Karloff was a man of average size, but was padded out and given those famous brick like shoes to give an impression of a man of huge stature.

Karloff played Frankenstein three times, and it was really his defining role. He was also happy enough to send himself up, as he did in his last film, 'Targets'. He was also to star as the Chinese detective Mr. Wong, and was the killer in the classic 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty'.

He made his mark on TV as 'Colonel March Of Scotland Yard' 1953-54, and as the host of the 'Thriller' series 1960-62. On the stage he appeared in 'Arsenic And Old Lace', where he killed anybody who said he looked like Boris Karloff, and as Captain Hook (naturally) in 'Peter Pan'.

He died on February 2nd 1969 in Midhurst, Sussex, England.

Boris Karloff - Principal Films

Frankenstein (1931)
The Old Dark House (1932)
The Mask Of Fu Manchu (1932)
The Mummy (1932)
The Ghoul (1933)
The Lost Patrol (1934)
The Black Cat (1934)
The Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)
Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)
Son Of Frankenstein (1939)
The Mystery Of Mr. Wong (1939)
Mr. Wong In China Town (1939)
The Body Snatcher (1945)
Bedlam (1946)
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (1947)
Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer (1949)
Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1953)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
The Raven (1963)
Targets (1968)

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Vivien Leigh (1913-1967)

Beautiful and talented, Vivien Leigh's own life was like a melodrama. She married arguably the greatest actor of the 20th Century, Laurence Olivier, suffered from mental and physical illness, and took the movie world by storm as Scarlett O'Hara in 1939's 'Gone With The Wind'. She was an obvious choice for Cleopatra, and further made a name for herself playing love-starved older women, opposite promising young actors, such as Marlon Brando in 'A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)' and Warren Beatty in 'The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone (1961)'.

Vivien Leigh Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

Ship Of Fools (1965)
The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone (1961)
The Deep Blue Sea (1955)
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
Anna Karenina (1948)
Caesar And Cleopatra (1945)
That Hamilton Woman (1941)
Waterloo Bridge (1940)
21 Days (1940)
Gone With The Wind (1939)
Sidewalks Of London (1938)
A Yank At Oxford (1938)
Storm In A Teacup (1937)
Dark Journey (1937)
Fire Over England (1937)
The Village Squire (1935)
Look Up And Laugh (1935)
Gentlemen's Agreement (1935)
Things Are Looking Up (1935)

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Caesar And Cleopatra [1946] Caesar And Cleopatra [1946]
Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd
DVD - May 13, 2002
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Basil Rathbone (1892-1967)

South African born, and British educated, Basil Rathbone is cinema's most famous and definitive Sherlock Holmes. So famous, the role probably stunted the rest of his career.

A veteran of World War One, Rathbone began appearing in films in the UK soon after the war's end, and moved to Hollywood in the mid-1920s. It wasn't until he appeared in 'David Copperfield (1935)' that his career took off, and he first played Sherlock Holmes on screen in 1939.

The Mark Of Zorro - Film Review

Basil Rathbone Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

The Great Mouse Detective (voice) (1986)
Autopsia de un fantasma (1968)
Hillbillys In A Haunted House (1967)
The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (1966)
Queen Of Blood (1966)
Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet (1965)
The Comedy Of Terrors (1964)
Two Before Zero (narrator) (1962)
Tales Of Terror (1962)
The Magic Sword (1962)
Ponzio Pilato (1962)
Mystic Prophecies And Nostradamus (narrator) (1961)
The Black Cat (voice) (1961)
The Last Hurrah (1958)
The Black Sleep (1956)
The Court Jester (1956)
We're No Angels (1955)
Casanova's Big Night (1954)
The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad (voice/narrator) (1949)
The Wind In The Willows (narrator) (1949)
Dressed To Kill (1946)
Heartbeat (1946)
Terror By Night (1946)
Pursuit To Algiers (1945)
The Woman In Green (1945)
Sherlock Holmes And The House Of Fear (1945)
Frenchman's Creek (1944)
The Pearl Of Death (1944)
Bathing Beauty (1944)
The Scarlet Claw (1944)
The Spider Woman (1944)
Crazy House (1943)
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943)
Above Suspicion (1943)
Sherlock Holmes In Washington (1943)
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon (1943)
Sherlock Holmes And The Voice Of Terror (1942)
Crossroads (1942)
Fingers At The Window (1942)
Paris Calling (1941)
International Lady (1941)
The Black Cat (1941)
The Mad Doctor (1941)
The Mark Of Zorro (1940)
Rhythm On The River (1940)
Tower Of London (1939)
Rio (1939)
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (1939)
The Sun Never Sets (1939)
The Hound Of The Baskervilles (1939)
Son Of Frankenstein (1939)
The Dawn Patrol (1938)
If I Were King (1938)
The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938)
The Adventures Of Marco Polo (1938)
Tovarich (1937)
Make A Wish (1937)
Confession (1937)
Love From A Stranger (1937)
The Garden Of Allah (1936)
Romeo And Juliet (1936)
Private Number (1936)
A Tale Of Two Cities (1935)
Captain Blood (1935)
Kind Lady (1935)
A Feather In Her Hat (1935)
The Last Days Of Pompeii (1935)
Anna Karenina (1935)
The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, And Observation Of David Copperfield, The Younger (1935)
Loyalties (1933)
One Precious Year (1933)
After The Ball (1932)
A Woman Commands (1932)
Sin Takes A Holiday (1930)
A Lady Surrenders (1930)
The Lady Of Scandal (1930)
The Flirting Widow (1930)
A Notorious Affair (1930)
This Mad World (1930)
The Bishop Murder Case (1930)
The Last Of Mrs. Cheyney (1929)
The Great Deception (1926)
The Masked Bride (1925)
Trouping With Ellen (1924)
The School For Scandal (1923/II)
Innocent (1921)
The Fruitful Vine (1921)

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Peter Lorre (1904-1964)

Few actors have mastered the air of being quietly sinister quite as well as the Hungarian-born Lorre.

Born Laszlo Lowenstein, he went on to learn his craft in Vienna, and made his name internationally in Fritz Lang's 1931 film, 'M'.

A Jew, he fled Nazi persecution in Germany in 1935, and ended up in Hollywood, where he was to make his mark as the Japanese detective Mr. Moto, and in the legendary films, 'The Maltese Falcon (1941)' and 'Casablanca (1942)'.

Lorre returned to Germany briefly, after World War Two, before returning to Hollywood, where he was to appear in films such as '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' and 'The Raven'.

Peter Lorre Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

The Patsy (1964)
Muscle Beach Party (1964)
The Comedy Of Terrors (1963)
The Raven (1963)
Five Weeks In A Balloon (1962)
Tales Of Terror (1962)
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1961)
Scent Of Mystery (1960)
The Big Circus (1959)
Hell Ship Mutiny (1957)
The Sad Sack (1957)
The Story Of Mankind (1957)
Silk Stockings (1957)
The Buster Keaton Story (1957)
Around The World In Eighty Days (1956)
Congo Crossing (1956)
20000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954)
Beat The Devil (1953)
Der Verlorene (1951)
Double Confession (1950)
Quicksand (1950)
Rope Of Sand (1949)
Casbah (1948)
My Favorite Brunette (1947)
The Beast With Five Fingers (1946)
The Verdict (1946)
The Chase (1946)
Black Angel (1946)
Three Strangers (1946)
Confidential Agent (1945)
Hotel Berlin (1945)
The Conspirators (1944)
Arsenic And Old Lace (1944)
The Mask Of Dimitrios (1944)
Passage To Marseille (1944)
The Cross Of Lorraine (1943)
Background To Danger (1943)
The Constant Nymph (1943)
Casablanca (1942)
The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942)
Invisible Agent (1942)
All Through The Night (1941)
The Maltese Falcon (1941)
They Met In Bombay (1941)
Mr. District Attorney (1941)
The Face Behind The Mask (1941)
You'll Find Out (1940)
Stranger On The Third Floor (1940)
Island Of Doomed Men (1940)
I Was an Adventuress (1940)
Strange Cargo (1940)
Mr. Moto Takes A Vacation (1939)
Mr. Moto In Danger Island (1939)
Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939)
Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938)
I'll Give A Million (1938)
Mr. Moto Takes A Chance (1938)
Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)
Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937)
Lancer Spy (1937)
Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937)
Nancy Steele Is Missing! (1937)
Crack-Up (1936)
Secret Agent (1936)
Crime And Punishment (1935/I)
Mad Love (1935)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)
Du haut en bas (1933)
... aka From Top To Bottom (International: English title: literal title)
... aka High And Low (International: English title)
Unsichtbare Gegner (1933)
... aka Invisible Opponent
Was Frauen träumen (1933)
... aka What Women Dream
Les requins du pétrole (1933)
F.P.1 antwortet nicht (1932)
... aka F.P.1 Doesn't Answer (USA)
... aka F.P.1 Fails To Reply (UK)
Stupéfiants (1932)
Der weiße Dämon (1932)
... aka The White Demon
Schuß im Morgengrauen (1932)
... aka A Shot At Dawn
Fünf von der Jazzband (1932)
... aka Five Of The Jazzband
Die Koffer des Herrn O.F. (1931)
... aka Build And Marry
... aka The Thirteen Trunks Of Mr. O.F.
... aka The Trunks Of Mr. O.F.
Bomben auf Monte Carlo (1931)
... aka The Bombardment Of Monte Carlo (USA: literal English title)
... aka Bombs Over Monte Carlo (USA)
... aka Monte Carlo Madnes (UK)
M (1931)
Mann ist Mann (1931)
... aka A Man's A Man (USA)
Der weiße Teufel (1930)
... aka The White Devil (International: English title)

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Orson Welles (1915-1985)

A genius very few have matched in cinema history, Orson Welles made his name at the age of 23, with his Martian invasion radio spoof. As a film director, his 'Citizen Kane (1941)' is often voted the number one film of all-time, and, for this film, he won an Oscar for best screenplay with Herman J. Mankiewicz. Welles's portrayal of Graham Greene's amoral Harry Lime, in 'The Third Man (1949)', further pushed his acting credentials, when his performance made Lime one of the most memorable and chilling of all cinema villains. Welles was also a handsome leading man in his youth, and played Charlotte Bronte's Rochester in 'Jane Eyre (1944)'.

The Third Man Film Review

Orson Welles Filmography
(most recent films listed first)

Someone To Love (1987)
The Transformers: The Movie (voice) (1986)
The Enchanted Journey (voice) (1984)
Hot Money (1983)
Where Is Parsifal? (1983)
Slapstick (Of Another Kind) (voice) (1982)
Butterfly (1982)
History Of The World: Part I (voice/narrator) (1981)
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (presenter/narrator) (1981)
Tajna Nikole Tesle (1980)
The Greenstone (voice/narrator) (1980)
The Double McGuffin (voice/narrator) (1979)
The Muppet Movie (1979)
The New Media Bible: Book Of Genesis (narrator) (1979)
Il grande attacco (voice/narrator) (1978)
Hot Tomorrows (1977) (voice)
Some Call It Greed (voice/narrator) (1977)
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (voice/narrator) (1977)
Voyage of the Damned (1976)
Ein unbekannter rechnet ab (1974) (voice)
Necromancy (1972)
Treasure Island (1972)
Get To Know Your Rabbit (1972)
La décade prodigieuse (1971)
A Safe Place (1971)
Freedom River (voice/narrator) (1971)
Malpertuis (1971)
London (1971)
Waterloo (1970/I)
Catch-22 (1970)
Start The Revolution Without Me (1970)
The Kremlin Letter (1970)
The Deep (1970)
The Golden Honeymoon (1970)
Is It Always Right To Be Right? (voice/narrator) (1970)
Bitka na Neretvi (1969)
12 + 1 (1969)
The Southern Star (1969)
Kampf um Rom II - Der Verrat (1969)
Kampf um Rom I (1968)
House Of Cards (1968)
Oedipus The King (1968)
The Immortal Story (1968)
Tepepa (1968)
I'll Never Forget What's'isname (1967)
The Sailor From Gibraltar (1967)
Casino Royale (1967)
A Man For All Seasons (1966)
Paris brûle-t-il? (1966)
Campanadas a medianoche (1965)
La fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo (1965)
The Finest Hours (voice/narrator) (1964)
The V.I.P.s (1963)
Ro.Go.Pa.G. (1963)
Le procès (1962)
I tartari (1961)
La Fayette (1961)
Austerlitz (1960)
Crack In The Mirror (1960)
David e Golia (1960)
Ferry To Hong Kong (1959)
Compulsion (1959)
High Journey (voice/narrator) (1959)
The Roots of Heaven (1958)
South Seas Adventure (voice/supplemental narrator) (1958)
Touch Of Evil (1958)
The Long, Hot Summer (1958)
Man In The Shadow (1957/I)
Moby Dick (1956)
Mr. Arkadin (1955)
Napoléon (1955)
Three Cases Of Murder (1955)
Trouble In The Glen (1954)
Si Versailles m'était conté (1954)
L'uomo, la bestia e la virtù (1953)
Trent's Last Case (1952)
The Tragedy Of Othello: The Moor Of Venice (1952)
Return to Glennascaul (narrator) (1951)
The Black Rose (1950)
Prince Of Foxes (1949)
The Third Man (1949)
Black Magic (1949)
Macbeth (1948)
The Lady From Shanghai (1947)
The Stranger (1946)
Tomorrow Is Forever (1946)
Jane Eyre (1944)
Journey Into Fear (1943)
The Magnificent Ambersons (voice/narrator) (1942)
Citizen Kane (1941)
Too Much Johnson (1938)
The Hearts Of Age (1934)

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