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Paul McCartney can lay claim to being the greatest ever songwriter to come out of the UK. Born in Liverpool on June 18th, 1942, McCartney, along with John Lennon, wrote songs which will surely last as long as popular music itself.

Whilst Lennon and McCartney songs had both names in the credits, it was often obvious which songs were mainly John's, and which were mainly Paul's. 'Yesterday' was, when Beatlegate was at its most bitter, mentioned by John Lennon in his withering 'How Do You Sleep?' attack on Macca, as the only good song McCartney ever wrote. Paul responded later with: "I was sleeping very well at the time." Most songwriters would have died happy having written 'Yesterday' - it was voted the Song of the Century in a 1999 BBC Radio 2 poll of music experts, musicians, and listeners.

Both McCartney and Lennon lost their mothers when they were teenagers, and that no doubt created a common bond, and gave them an unusual depth for young men, which would surface in songs such as Paul's 'Eleanor Rigby', and John's 'In My Life'. While John had a certain, understandable bitterness because of the loss of his mother, Paul mostly seemed to be chirpy, but this didn't always come out in his songs. McCartney was the master of the wistful ballad, and, along with 'Yesterday', these included 'Here, There And Everywhere', 'She's Leaving Home', 'The Fool On The Hill', 'Let It Be', and 'The Long And Winding Road'. He wrote arguably the greatest singalong song - 'Hey Jude', showed his avant-garde inclination with 'Revolution 9', and penned one of the first, if not the first, genuinely heavy rock songs in 'Helter Skelter'. On 'Revolver' he showed his soul influence on 'Got To Get You Into My Life', and with 'When I'm Sixty-Four' and 'Honey Pie', his ability to write in an old-fashioned Music Hall style. 'Blackbird' showed Paul McCartney's love of nature, and 'Penny Lane' his fine storytelling. His songs were often bright and sparkling, too - 'Good Day Sunshine', 'Lovely Rita', or just rocked - 'Back In The U.S.S.R.', 'Birthday', and 'Get Back'. He wrote, and co-wrote, so many others - 'All My Loving', 'Your Mother Should Know', 'She Loves You', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', 'And I Love Her'. In fact it's not easy finding a duff Lennon and McCartney song (for more on Paul's songs post Beatles see Angelo Gravity's article below).

With all the acrimony of The Beatles dissolution, it's to the credit of the four Beatles that the best solo work of all of them came within the first few years of the split. Three albums - George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass', John Lennon's 'Imagine', Paul's 'Band On The Run' with Wings, and Ringo Starr's US number one singles, all proved that the four could make it on their own.

Paul McCartney's solo work, and work with Wings, is said by critics to not match up to his work with The Beatles, but that's not exactly surprising. Lennon and McCartney were two geniuses who spurred each other on to great heights, and though Lennon's early solo work was superior, he may have later lost the drive to make music without McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr around. Paul McCartney has written more good pop songs than anyone, and though he should show his teeth more often, as Pete Townshend once affectionately hinted, he can't help being a likeable guy, and his work for animal welfare, with his two wives Linda and Heather, should be commended and not sneered at.

- Paul Rance/

Paul McCartney - an appreciation by Andy Savage (now known as Angelo Gravity)

(Originally published in Peace & Freedom in the 1988 Autumn/Winter issue)

Not many people could have predicted the astonishing success of Paul McCartney after the break-up of The Beatles (a group to whom McCartney's musical contribution is often greatly underestimated) in 1970. John Lennon sang of Paul in 1971 - "a pretty face may last a year or two, but pretty soon we'll see what you can do." Well we have seen what he can do and what he continues to do.

A major star of the 70's, with his new band Wings, he enjoyed 14 top ten smashes in the UK, including everlasting brilliancies such as 'Band on the Run', 'Silly Love Songs', 'Let 'em in', 'With a Little Luck', and, of course, the monumental 'Mull of Kintyre' which he co-wrote with Denny Laine.

In the 80's McCartney has not only maintained but enhanced his status as a pop music legend. The hit singles and albums have continued and Paul's impact on the 80's pop scene has been as profound as any of the newcomers.

Nine more top tenners have breezed into the charts, including unforgettable numbers like 'Coming up', 'Waterfalls', 'Ebony and Ivory', 'Pipes of Peace', 'No More Lonely Nights', and the fairytale experience of the decade - 'We All Stand Together'.

Slight hiccups have, of course, occurred, such as the naff partnership with Michael Jackson on 'Say, Say, Say' (although 'The Girl is Mine' is the highpoint of Jackson's vastly over-rated 'Thriller' LP - oh I know McCartney didn't actually write 'The Girl is Mine' but he's a much better singer than he's given credit for).

I guess we must also mention 'Give My Regards to Broad Street' - so our Paul's no scriptwriter, but his songs were worth the money alone, the 'Eleanor Rigby' fantasia being one of my favourite parts.

The main criticism most people have of Paul seems to be the fact that he is exceedingly wealthy. What business is that of anyone except Mr. McCartney? Does he donate his dosh to charity? That's his business as well. McCartney earned his money mountain and he can spend it exactly as he likes. It's a free country.

This song writing genius is The pop star. Bigger than Elvis. Bigger than Lennon. The ultimate. He has delighted, and will continue to delight, millions of people worldwide, hopefully for many more years yet to come.

Paul McCartney at the Electric Proms 2007
(The Roundhouse, London, Thursday, October 25th)

Paul McCartney is a great advert for the vegetarian lifestyle, as he performed a set of Beatles, Wings, and solo material with a zest and enthusiasm that made you think his birth certificate was a poor forgery.

Beatles songs flowed at this Roundhouse, Electric Proms gig, broadcast on BBC2 - 'Magical Mystery Tour', 'Eleanor Rigby (admittedly in a lower key - one concession to age)', 'Blackbird', 'Back In The U.S.S.R.', 'Lady Madonna', 'Hey Jude', 'Let It Be'. But, being on the Beeb, numbers like 'Get Back' were omitted - unless you had access to the red button on a digital TV, and could see the whole concert. If you saw it all you could appreciate how good Paul McCartney's band were, and see the emotional tribute to John Lennon - 'Here Today'.

Macca was exchanging banter with the audience all through the gig, as he displayed his musical skills on bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, and then played the mandolin on 'Dance Tonight' - his recent single. Rip-roaring versions of 'Band On The Run' and 'Live And Let Die' were reminders McCartney has produced good songs throughout his career, and not just with The Beatles. Macca closed the show with the early Beatles classic 'I Saw Her Standing There', and the aforesaid 'Get Back'. Can anyone top him as the greatest living pop and rock icon in the world?

- Paul Rance/

Set List 
Magical Mystery Tour - Flaming Pie - Got To Get You Into My Life - Dance Tonight - Only Mama Knows - C Moon - The Long And Winding Road - I'll Follow The Sun - That Was Me - Here Today - Blackbird - Calico Skies - Eleanor Rigby - Band On The Run - Back In The U.S.S.R. - House Of Wax - I've Got A Feeling - Live And Let Die - Baby Face - Hey Jude - Let It Be - Lady Madonna - I Saw Her Standing There - Get Back

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Paul McCartney Solo/Wings Discography

(including UK & US Chart Positions)


McCartney (17 April 1970) UK #2; US #1
Ram (28 May 1971) UK #1; US #2
McCartney II (16 May 1980) UK #1; US #1
Tug Of War (26 April 1982) UK# 1; US #1
Pipes Of Peace (31 October 1983) UK #4; US #7
Give My Regards To Broad Street (22 October 1984) UK #1; US #14
Press To Play (1 September 1986) UK #8; US #10
Снова в СССР (USSR: 31 October 1988, World: 30 September 1991) UK #63; US #109
Flowers In The Dirt (5 June 1989) UK #1; US #4
Off The Ground (1 February 1993) UK #5; US #7
Flaming Pie (5 May 1997) UK #2; US #1
Run Devil Run (4 October 1999) UK #12; US #27
Driving Rain (12 November 2001) UK #26; US #26
Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (12 September 2005) UK #10; US #6
Memory Almost Full (4 June 2007) UK #5; US #3

Solo Live Albums
Tripping The Live Fantastic (5 November 1990) UK #16; US #26
Tripping The Live Fantastic: Highlights! (12 November 1990) US #141
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) (20 May 1991) UK #7; US #14
Paul Is Live (15 November 1993) UK #34; US #78
Back In The U.S. (26 November 2002) US #8
Back In The World (17 March 2003) UK #5

Solo Compilation Albums
All The Best! (2 November 1987) UK #2; US #62
Never Stop Doing What You Love (2005)

Classical Albums
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio (11 October 1991) US #177
Paul McCartney's Standing Stone (22 September 1997) US #194
Paul McCartney's Working Classical (1 November 1999)
Ecce Cor Meum (25 September 2006) UK #141

As Percy "Thrills" Thrillington
Thrillington (29 April 1977)

Remix Collaborations
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (15 November 1993) (with The Fireman)
Rushes (21 September 1998) (with The Fireman)
Liverpool Sound Collage (21 August 2000)
Twin Freaks (14 June 2005)

The Family Way (6 January 1967)

Wings Studio Albums
Wild Life (7 December 1971) UK #11; US #10
Red Rose Speedway (4 May 1973) UK #5; US #1
Band On The Run (7 December 1973) UK #1; US #1
Venus And Mars (30 May 1975) UK #1; US #1
Wings At The Speed Of Sound (26 March 1976) UK #2; US #1
London Town (31 March 1978) UK #4; US #2
Back To The Egg (8 June 1979) UK #6; US #8
Band On The Run: 25th Anniversary Edition (15 March 1999) UK #69

Wings Live Albums
Wings Over America (10 December 1976) UK #8; US #1

Wings Compilation Albums
Wings Greatest (1 December 1978) UK #5; US #29
Wingspan: Hits And History (7 May 2001) UK #5; US #2


1971 19th February "Another Day" #2 UK, #5 US

from Ram
1971 13th August "Back Seat Of My Car" (with Linda McCartney) #39 UK
1971 "Eat At Home" (Europe except UK and Japan only)
1971 "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" #1 US

1979 16th November "Wonderful Christmastime" #6 UK

from McCartney II
1980 11th April "Coming Up" #2 UK, #1 US (Live Version,which also appeared as a bonus one sided disc in copies of this album in the U.S.& Canada)
1980 13th June "Waterfalls" #9 UK
1980 15th September "Temporary Secretary"

from Tug of War
1982 29th March "Ebony And Ivory" (with Stevie Wonder) #1 UK, #1 US
1982 21st June "Take It Away" #15 UK, #10 US
1982 20th September "Tug Of War" #5 UK #3 US

1982 29th October "The Girl Is Mine" (with Michael Jackson) #8 UK, #2 US

from Pipes of Peace
1983 3rd October "Say Say Say" (with Michael Jackson) #2 UK, #1 US
1983 5th December "Pipes Of Peace" #1 UK (released in the US as the B-side to "So Bad")
1983 "So Bad" #23 US (released in the UK as the B-side to "Pipes Of Peace")

from Give My Regards to Broad Street
1984 24th September "No More Lonely Nights" #2 UK, #6 US

1984 12th November "We All Stand Together" (with The Frog Chorus) #3 UK
1985 "Spies Like Us" #13 UK, #7 US
1985 "We All Stand Together" #32 UK

from Press to Play
1986 14th July "Press" #25 UK, #21 US
1986 27th October "Pretty Little Head" #76 UK
1986 29th October "Stranglehold" #81 US
1986 1st December "Only Love Remains" #34 UK

from All the Best!
1987 16th November "Once Upon A Long Ago" #10 UK

1989 "Ferry 'cross The Mersey" (with The Christians, Holly Johnson, Gerry Marsden & Stock Aitken Waterman) #1 UK

from Flowers in the Dirt
1989 8th May "My Brave Face" #18 UK, #25 US
1989 17th July "This One" #18 UK #94 US
1989 13th November "Figure Of Eight" #42 UK #92 US
1989 23th November "Party Party" (only released as a part of Flowers In The Dirt World Tour Pack)
1989 December "Ou Est Le Soleil?" (non-UK release)
1990 5th February "Put It There" #32 UK

from Tripping the Live Fantastic
1990 8th October "Birthday" #29 UK
1990 26th November "All My Trials" #35 UK
1991 4th January "The Long And Winding Road" (Europe except UK only)

from Off the Ground
1993 28th December "Hope Of Deliverance" #18 UK #83 US
1993 22nd February "C'mon People" #41 UK
1993 19th April "Off The Ground"
1993 8th November "Biker like An Icon" (Europe except UK only)

from Flaming Pie
1997 28th April "Young Boy" #19 UK
1997 7th July "The World Tonight" #23 UK #64 US
1997 15th December "Beautiful Night" #25 UK

from Run Devil Run
1999 24th October "No Other Baby/Brown Eyed Handsome Man" #42 UK

from Driving Rain
2001 29th October "From A Lover To A Friend" #45 UK
2001 5th November "Freedom" #9 US
2004 20th September "Tropic Island Hum/We All Stand Together" #21 UK

2005 "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (with U2) #48 US

from Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
2005 29th August "Fine Line" #20 UK
2005 21st November "Jenny Wren" #22 UK

from Memory Almost Full
2007 "Dance Tonight" "Nod Your Head" (Sly David short mix) #26 UK, #69 US

Wings Singles
1972 25th February "Give Ireland Back To The Irish" #16 UK, #21 US

from Wild Life
1972 12th May "Mary Had A Little Lamb" #9 UK, #28 US

1972 1st December "Hi, Hi, Hi" #5 UK (double A-side with C Moon in the UK), #10 US
1972 "Little Woman Love" #28 US

from Red Rose Speedway
1973 23rd March "My Love" #9 UK, #1 US

1973 1st June "Live And Let Die" #7 UK, #2 US

from Band on the Run
1973 26th October "Helen Wheels" #12 UK, #10 US
1974 January "Mrs. Vanderbilt" (Europe except UK only)
1974 15th February "Jet" #7 UK, #7 US
1974 28th June "Band On The Run" #3 UK, #1 US

1974 25th October "Junior's Farm" #16 UK, #3 US
1974 25th October "Sally G." #17 US

from Venus and Mars
1975 16th May "Listen To What The Man Said" #6 UK, #1 US
1975 5th September "Letting Go" #41 UK #39 US
1975 28th November "Venus And Mars/Rock Show" #12 US

from Wings at the Speed of Sound
1976 30th April "Silly Love Songs" #2 UK, #1 US
1976 23rd July "Let 'Em In" #2 UK, #3 US

from Wings Over America
1977 4th February "Maybe I'm Amazed" #28 UK, #3 US

1977 11th November "Mull Of Kintyre/Girls' School" #1 UK; #3 US

from London Town
1978 23rd March "With A Little Luck" #5 UK, #1 US
1978 16th June "I've Had Enough" #4 UK; #10 US
1978 26th August "London Town" #23 UK; #14 US

1979 23rd March "Goodnight Tonight" #5 UK, #5 US

from Back to the Egg
1979 1st June "Old Siam, Sir" #3 UK
1979 14th August "Arrow Through Me" #9 US
1979 16th August "Getting Closer/Baby's Request" #28 UK; #20 US

The McCartneys - Seal Protectors

Hats off to Heather Mills McCartney and husband Paul McCartney for travelling to Canada to campaign against the barbaric clubbing of baby seals. The seal hunt is a blight on Canada's name. I remember being appalled as a little boy of eight in the late 1960s, when seeing a famous Kent Gavin photo in the British press, of a seal clubber raising his club as a baby seal looked up at him.

The McCartneys regularly receive stick for their crusades from shallow journalists who can't really understand why some celebrities would actually want to believe in anything. Their courage should be applauded.

- Paul Rance/

Give Seals a Chance: An Interview with Paul McCartney

Macca's helping seals - here's how you can help pro seal charities



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