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One of the great album covers! Pretty girl, Lucy Joplin, looking bored being kissed by a Kelly Jones lookalike??? The album itself is thumping, harmonic rock from the Welsh trio's breakthrough album of 1999.

'Roll Up And Shine' is pretty good for starters, with some impressive chord and tempo changes, and 'Hurry Up And Wait' is an optimistic ballad, which bursts into a sumptuous change at the end.

The first really famous Stereophonics song, the really fine 'Just Looking', starts quietly, but still has an impactive quality straightaway. Some nifty guitar work by Kelly Jones, allied with his (more so than usual) resonating vocals.

'T-Shirt Sun Tan' is a track with an infectious rhythm, and includes another subtle tempo change - which is the trademark of the whole album.

'A Minute Longer' includes probably Kelly's finest vocal on the album. A powerful ballad, which is more and more uplifting from the middle section onwards. Solid, hard rhythm from Stuart Cable and Richard Jones, and fine keys from Marshall Bird.

'She Takes Her Clothes Off' is another well crafted song. Clever, grim humour lyrics. The sinister 'I Stopped To Fill My Car Up' finishes things off, and includes some Coldplay-like touches, though they were yet to be famous in '99!

'The Bartender And The Thief' and 'Pick A Part That's New' are standard rock tracks, but, overall, there's more to this album than just straightforward, stand and deliver rock music. The subtleties, and unexpected changes, are clever, and there's a little bit of what you fancy - for everyone.

- Paul Rance/

Stereophonics - Performance And Cocktails album cover

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'Performance And Cocktails' Track Listing
(All songs written by Stuart Cable, Kelly Jones, and Richard Jones)

Roll Up And Shine
The Bartender And The Thief
Hurry Up And Wait
Pick A Part That's New
Just Looking
Half The Lies You Tell Ain't True
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
T-Shirt Sun Tan
Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?
A Minute Longer
She Takes Her Clothes Off
Plastic California
I Stopped To Fill My Car Up

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