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'Sleeper DVD' Sleeper
Product image for ASIN: 0792846117 Sleeper

Woody Allen is at his zaniest in this classic sci-fi comedy (this film almost invented the genre, if you ignore the unintentionally funny sci-fi films of the '50s particularly).

Allen starred in, directed, and wrote (with Marshall Brickman) this film, and he also wrote the music.

In 'Sleeper', Woody Allen's character (nerdy health food store owner Miles Monroe) is typically self-deprecating. He's a 20th Century veggie who has a stomach ulcer operation, and somehow ends up in suspended animation - for 200 years!

He wakes up in a police state, and helps overcome a tyrannical regime, which is brave considering he had said he was "beaten up by Quakers"! Allen ends up having to disguise himself as a robotic domestic servant, complete with what looks like a futuristic baby's dummy in his mouth. A nod to Joel Schumacher here, for some impressive costume designs.

Diane Keaton is superb as pretentious poet Luna Schlosser, and she went on to become Allen's best foil in movies.

- Paul Rance/

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Sleeper Main Cast List
Woody Allen as Miles Monroe
Diane Keaton as Luna Schlosser
John Beck as Erno Windt
Mary Gregory as Dr. Melik
Don Keefer as Dr. Tryon
John McLiam as Dr. Aragon
Bartlett Robinson as Dr. Orva
Chris Forbes as Rainer Krebs
Mews Small as Dr. Nero (as Marya Small)
Peter Hobbs as Dr. Dean
Susan Miller as Ellen Pogrebin
Lou Picetti as M.C.
Jessica Rains as Woman in the mirror
Brian Avery as Herald Cohen
Spencer Milligan as Jeb Hrmthmg
Stanley Ross as Sears Swiggles
John Cannon as Various voice-overs

Directed by Woody Allen


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