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LiTTle BrItAiN


Lou And Andy
Andy (left) and Lou (right)

Okay, it's sad to see this wonderful BBC sketch show finishing (and let's gloss over the mediocre 'Little Britain' overseas episodes), but it's given us some great laughs. Matt Lucas and David Walliams may be getting a bit lovey, but they have created the only sketch show I can think of that doesn't have any weak characters. Here's some of my favourite characters, and some of their catchphrases.

Characters Played by Matt Lucas

Marjorie Dawes - Fat Fighters bitch. Her two joys in life are putting everyone down, and stuffing her face on the sly.
Daffyd Thomas - the only gay in a certain Welsh village, and likes being solitary.
Andy Pipkin - pretends to be disabled. Exploits Lou's kindness.
Vicky Pollard - a typical modern teenage girl...Vulgar, loud, aggressive, no class! Queen of the chavs!
Dame Sally Markham - a lazy Barbara Cartland.
Sir Bernard Chumley - pervy actor.
Bubbles DeVere - posh old girl, who likes showing off her ample body to any man.
Ting Tong Macadandang - Thai girl looking for love (well, money really) in the UK.
Kenny Craig - crap hypnotist.
Mr. Cleeves - a teacher who's not kept up with the times.
Roy - gets the short straw of having to deal with Mr. Mann.
Florence Rose - Emily Howard's transvestite chum. Wears a very ungirly moustache.

Characters Played by David Walliams

Sebastian Love - rampant homosexual, who has the hots for his employer, who happens to be the Prime Minister (played by Anthony Head).
Lou Todd - gullible good guy who runs through hoops for the exploitative Andy.
Dennis Waterman - a little version of the legendary TV tough guy.
Emily Howard - thinks he's a lady, but far too butch.
Mr. Mann - a man you wouldn't want in your shop. Very fussy buyer.
Denver Mills - tactless ex GB athletics star, reduced to looking for after dinner speaking gigs. Still in '80s mode. Time to move on, mate.
Maggie Blackamoor - Conservative bigot, who will eat anything, but then spew it out again - if it's been made by anyone she deems undesirable.
Carol Beer - her bank always said no. No more engaging in her new job at the travel agent's.
Mrs Emery - she can pee for Britain.
Harvey Pincher - still on the breast as a grown man. Likes a feed especially when guests are visiting.
Anne - pretends to be nutty, when she's sane, I think...
Des Kaye - embittered former children's TV show presenter.
Desiree DeVere - a black Bubbles. Fights with Bubbles over mutual love Roman (Rob Brydon).
Ray McCooney - wacky Scottish hotel manager, who plays a mean whistle.
Dudley Punt - nice Bobby Charlton combover. His union with Ting Tong Macadandang is a match made in Heaven...not!

The Most Memorable Catchphrases

"Yeah I know"; "Don't like it"; "I want that one." - Andy Pipkin
"What a kerfuffle" - Lou Todd
"I am the only gay in the village." - Daffyd Thomas
"Yeah but no but yeah but..."; "Oh my God, I so can't believe you just said that!" - Vicky Pollard
"Do it again!" - Marjorie Dawes
"Computer says no." - Carol Beer
"I am a lady!" - Emily Howard
"Margaret! Margaret!" - Roy
"Hello Darling!"; "Call me Bubbles, everyone does." - Bubbles DeVere
"So they want me to star in it, write the theme toon, sing the theme toon..." - Dennis Waterman
"Wicky woo!" - Des Kaye
"Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes." - Kenny Craig
"Bitty" - Harvey Pincher
"Eh, eh, ehhhhh!" - Anne
"Yeeeeeesss."; "Maybe I am and maybe I'm not." - Ray McCooney

- Paul Rance/

Paul Rance once lived next door to 'Little Britain' composer David Arnold. Paul lives with the shame of punching David in the stomach and making him cry to this day...It should be said, though, Paul was about 11, and David was about 10...or 9...or 8...

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